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EUREKA: Dustin Watches "Reprise"

banner_recapLast week:

Fargo! In! Space!!!

Also: Does Zane Know?

Also: Carter and Allison, together at last!

Also: Ming-Na!

We open on Café Diem, where adorable Vincent is jamming to some P!nk and preparing to open up for the day. When Felicia Day arrives! She is super awkward and cute and basically made of sunshine and puppies. Vincent tries to explain that café isn’t open just yet, but the floodgates open and Felicia spews geek all over Vincent, explaining that she is Dr. Holly Somethinsomethin (I didn’t catch the last name) and that she is there on the behest of Senator Mulan to check up on Global Dynamics.

“Just decaf then” Is Vincent’s response.

Meanwhile, Fargo stalks into his office and bellows for Larry. Larry doesn’t answer so Fargo goes to his computer and taps on the mouse angrily and yells for Larry.

Suddenly Larry pops up on the computer wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Larry is on vacation. And Fargo is calling him to get his schedule for the day. Fargo cancels a couple of meetings before Larry tells him that Holly will be arriving today to look over the Faster Than Light Drive.

So back at Café Diem, Dr. Holly is explaining in excruciating detail about the pick-me-up mix of subliminal messages she has on her iPod. She basically spews Awkward. Vincent says he likes her, and Dr. Holly says she likes him too. I am seeing Big Things in their future. BIG THINGS!!

I like Vincent. He needs more story lines.

Back in Fargo’s office, Larry gives Fargo the business about the launch last episode. Turns out Dr. Holly turned down a job at GD which does not happen. Fargo is sure Holly is there to shut the project down and fire him. To prepare for the meeting he turns on ‘Eye of the Tiger’ to get pumped up.

Meanwhile inside SARAH, Carter and Allison are making out which grosses out Kevin. Kevin and Jenna are staying with Carter while Allison is at a medical conference. Allison’s daughter is super cute.

Hey, remember when Kevin used to be a genius with autism? Neither does Kevin! Now Kevin is a normal kid who misses going on all the fun adventures he used to go on with Carter. Hey, remember all those fun Adventures Carter and Kevin used to have? Neither does Carter.

Oh the joys of parallel realities.

Elsewhere, Good Lady Wife and Henry are jamming out to a seriously crappy cover of “Stop the World.” Are you telling me that this show could afford the rights to P!nk, but not Maxwell? Really?

They are celebrating their ‘alt anniversary’ over breakfast. They are super cute together. This show is full of the cutie-bugs today.

Across town, Jo is polishing her mailbox (no that is not a euphemism) as Zane jogs by listening to his iPod. Zane stops and makes a TARDIS joke, which Jo does not get. She’s brilliant. But she clearly has no taste.

Then Zane drops the alt reality bomb. So Jo hears up to GD and attacks Fargo. He reveals that Zane knows pretty much everything. Fargo thought they were going to die up on the rocket and he wanted to go with a clean conscience. Jo has a girl moment about how she let Zane go because of all the alternate reality drama, and she was trying to move on, but now Zane is all looking at her and running by her new house and…

Fargo walks off to engage Dr. Holly who has just arrived at GD. Dr. Holly is all smiles and kittens and rainbows, but Fargo is a total jerk to her. What is your problem,Fargo, don’t you know she hot?

Fargo, Jo, and Zane take Dr. Holly to look at the FTL drive and Dr. Holly just pours geek and adorable all over it. She is the best person in the world. Why is she not on every television show? Dr. Holly is so excited to about the FTL drive that Fargo uses it to… Murder her? She asks for a demonstration so he turns it on and Dr. Holly vanishes. Commercial.

Aaand we’re back! Fargo explains to Carter and Jo that he zapped Dr. Holly so she wouldn’t realize the secret of the FTL drive. See the FTL is based on the thing that sent the gang back in time back in Season 4.1.

Over at Café Diem, Carter and Kevin talk about how they never have fun anymore. Kevin blames it on the fact that Carter and Allison are finally a thing, but it’s really because Carter is from an alternate reality.

Jo interrupts their girl time to tell Carter that Dr. Holly was more than likely transported to the Bosun Cloud Exciter from last episode as that was the last destination input into the FTL. Kevin gets all excited thinking they are going on a new adventure, and Carter tries to explain to him that he is not actually invited on this particular adventure when Vincent walks up, acting all crazy, and wearing a stupid hat.

Kevin takes this opportunity to run from Café Diem, steal Carter’s jeep, and head for the Bosun frozen.

Jo ends up having to give Carter a ride out to the Bosun frozen in her BRAND NEW PRIAS where they find the jeep, but not Kevin or Dr. Holly. Turns out Kevin and Dr. Holly were just in the woods (huh?) And Dr. Holly in on in the least upset with Fargo as she is too busy loving everything and everyone and thinking the FTL is the best thing since… not… being hurled across town faster than the speed of light?

She wants to go again.

Carter, not this weirded out by a nerd since season 2, suggests that they head back to GD and discuss it with Fargo.

On their way back to GD, Carter reads Kevin the ‘wait till your mother gets home’ riot act, which lasts exactly as long as it takes for Allison to call, then he totally lies to her and tells her everything is going just fine.

Allison is driving through a mountain pass, so her cell reception is really bad (even though everyone in Eureka has next gen phones that can project holographic screens and compute advanced mathematics, they’re still terrible phones.)

Just as the reception gives out. Allison blows a tire and comes across an accident where a man’s car has careened off a cliff. The man’s daughter, who was following in another car is freaking out.

Allison tells her to wait at the top of the cliff and flag down more help while Allison heads down the cliff to check on dad. On her way down, she falls and hits her head on a rock, but it’s a superficial wound. And she is fine.

Meanwhile at GD, Dr. Holly spews technobabble at a rate that stuns Zane and Jo. Dr. Holly wants to know everything here is to know about the FTL, but Jo suggests she head to the infirmary first and get checked out, after Holly goes, Zane says he thinks he can disguise the origins of the device, but he wants to deal with the fact that Jo knows all about him form an alternate reality first. Does he want to sit down and have a meaningful conversation about love and loss? No. He wants to see her naked. Classy Zane, classy.

Hey, doesn’t Allison have a second kid? You know, cute little baby Jenna? Where has she been all this time? Robot Deputy Andy has been watching her. Allison took the liberty of upgrading him with childcare protocols, so now he’s the best babysitter ever!

The show just thought you should know so you didn’t think Carter had abandoned the baby with SARAH.

So after a hard day of watching your boss almost murder a government employee, and having your not really ex-boyfriend perv all over you, all Jo wants to do is go home and sink into a nice warm bath.  Too bad her house is in the process of burning down.

Jo barely has enough time to register that, yes, this is her house, and yes it really is on fire; before Zane appears in the rubble with a flame thrower, happily rendering everything to cinders.


And we’re back! Jo is yelling at Zane through the bars of the jail. Apparently, Zane wanted Jo to talk to him, and this was the only way he could think of to get her attention. Jo says that the minute she gets out of there, she is going to kill him. That’s right; Carter has put Jo in the cell for Zane’s protection, while Zane is handcuffed to a chair in the office.

Carter puts 2 and 2 together and realizes that both Fargo and Zane are acting pretty crazy. Maybe there is some sort of thing going on in town to make them that way.

Speaking of crazy, Henry and his Good Lady Wife are building something in the garage.

Elsewhere, Allison has finally made it down to the wrecked car, and there is no on in it. The Daughter arrives and tells her that she has sent a passing motorist into town for help. Allison instructs the girl to head back up to her car and get a device to help them find the father.

Jo has had both Fargo and Zane moved to the med labs at GD where they are both stomping around and acting erratic. Jo, on the phone with Carter is just starting to come around to his way of thinking when a pack of dogs runs by her.

Just as distracted from their phone conversation is Carter, who has just discovered an avalanche… which is not moving.

Well, not exactly not moving. Just moving at an imperceptible rate as Dr. Holly explains. Dr. Holly was sent out by Jo while Jo herds the dogs back to the research labs. Dr. Holly has a minor PETA moment where she debates herself over the merits of animal testing.

Carter barely has time to register how everyone in the world should be in love with Dr. Holly before Kevin steals the van AGAIN and heads back to town.

Meanwhile, The Daughter has brought Allison the thing she asked for from her car. It’s a little computer that can use someone’s DNA to track them. She and The Daughter head off in search of the father, who Allison believes may have a head condition.

Back at GD, Dr. Holly and Zane have figured out that the time disruption is moving slowly towards GD (but they should have known that, everything moves slowly towards GD.)

At the Sheriff’s office, Kevin is singing ‘Bad Boys’ which he can’t seem to get out of his head.  This leads Carter to realize that it’s the music that’s making everyone go crazy. He calls Jo and tells her what he’s thinking and she admits she was sort of thinking that same thing. I’m really glad they are utilizing Jo more this season. It’s really nice to see her and Carter working together. Jo and Carter decided that their first priority has to be the time bubble, which is slowly growing. Who could be causing it, they ask?

Well, it just so happens that Henry and Good Lady Wife are sitting at the center of the time bubble, happy and content in each other’s arms.

Okay, Sidebar: Henry is the smartest man in town, so why is it that no one has thought to call him yet to get his input on the crazy and the time bubble? Isn’t he usually the FIRST person they call? Sloppy, show.

Allison and The Daughter find The Father all passed out and bloody. Allison sends The Daughter back up the cliff to get the paramedics while she stabilizes The Father.

A the sheriff’s office, Kevin and Carter figure out that the music everyone is listening to is making them go all crazy and that Henry and Good Lady Wife listened to ‘Stop the World’ before the time bubble appeared.

Kevin brings Carter to Café Diem, which has turned into a rave and tells them the jukebox was designed to download the songs off everyone’s iPod and create the worlds larges play list. Any new song entered becomes part of it. Carter calls Jo and tells her this. Jo realizes that Fargo is being so aggressive because he listened to “Eye of the Tiger’ and ‘Burning Down the House’ made Zane… burn down her.. um… yeah. Dr. Holly realizes that the jukebox has downloaded her subliminal message program off her iPod and that is has infected the giant play list, making everyone go nutty.

Carter actually beats Kevin to the jeep this time and heads off to Henry’s garage to save him from himself, while at GD, Dr. Holly, Zane and Fargo try and make an antidote for the crazy. They figure it out, but no sooner do they do that, the time bubble reaches GD ad ensnares them.

Meanwhile, at the sheriff’s office, Kevin realizes that Carter is in more danger than he knows, as someone has listened to ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ and is now gunning for Carter.

Who might this person be? Jo. Who shows up at the garage just after Carter. She pulls a gun and shoots Carter in the back. Well, almost. Carter, seeing what is coming, jumps into the time bubble, which slows the bullet to an imperceptible rate. Of course this means the moment the time bubble is disengaged, Carter is a goner.

Kevin arrives and plays Jo ‘Why Can’t We be Friends’ and snaps her out of her homicidal rage. Now it’s up to the two of them to turn off the time bubble and save Carter from the Bullet.

Kevin goes for it. He climbs through the window of the garage and turns off the time bubble just in time for Jo to jump in between Carter and the bullet. Luckily, Jo is wearing a Kevlar vest, so she is okay! No one died this episode, ya’ll!

Back at GD, Dr. Holly tests the crazy cure on Fargo, turning him back into a normal little dweeb instead of a howling rage monkey. Then she tells him that she is there to offer GD 20 BILLION dollars to get the FL up and running for deep space travel, and I think finally Fargo realizes that Dr. Holly is super cute.

Meanwhile, Allison and The Daughter watch as The Father is loaded into the ambulance. Both vow to never forget this day and Allison. Full of new life, heads back to

Wasn’t she on her way to a conference?

Allison gets back and totally doesn’t mention her day’s adventure to her friends and family, but that’s okay, because they didn’t mention theirs to her.

Jo paws through the ruined remnants of her house until Zane shows up to apologize for the way he’s been acting. He asks her why she doesn’t want to talk to him about the alternate reality romance they had and she kisses him, proving that she has no chemistry with this version of Zane. Dejected, she heads back to her chores, until Zane pulls her into an embrace and kisses her properly. Maybe they have a little chemistry after all.

Back in SARAH, Allison is complaining about a headache, and just when you think that the fall she took at the beginning of the episode is coming back to haunt her, we learn the DEVASTATING TRUTH!!

The whole car accident and rescue is a planted memory! Who planted it? Why Dr. Beverly Barlow, former town therapist turned villain turned fugitive turned villain again, that’s who!


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