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D23 Expo: Big Changes Coming To Disney Parks

Announced at the D23 Expo, there are new additions to the Disney parks as well as huge changes to Epcot Center.


The slogan for the newly transformed park is “The Magic of Possibility”. Instead of the current layout of Future World East, Future World West, Showcase Plaza, and World Showcase, the new setup will have four “neighborhoods” which will be the existing World Showcase, plus World Nature, World Discovery, and World Celebration with updates and additions to the iconic Spaceship Earth geodesic sphere.

World Showcase – A new ride is being added, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, which will shrink visitors down to the size of the French rodent. There will also be a replica of Cherry Tree Lane from Mary Poppins. And a new 360° Wondrous China exhibit will also be added.

World Nature – This will have a conservationist theme and include a Moana themed walk that covers the importance of water in the circle of life. It will also have The Land and The Seas with Nemo & Friends.

World Discovery – This is the area dedicated to science, technology, and intergalactic adventure. Among the attractions will be Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, a reverse-launching coaster.

World Celebration – The original fountain will be updated. The entrance is being revamped. Spaceship Earth will also be revamped with new scenes, score, and narration guide called the Story Light, and a few other things that have not yet been announced.



As we reported in our Star Wars wrap-up, it looks like Galaxy’s Edge is getting a new hotel. The Galactic Starcruiser Halcyon is going to provide two-night excursions complete with an adventure and an alien crew. No word yet on an opening date. And the ride “Rise of the Resistance” had more teasers and details put out for the fans, but still no target date for opening.



Bailee Abell / Inside the Magic

Marvel will be joining the Disney Parks with the upcoming Avengers Campus. Guests will get to meet popular superhero characters as they’re recruited into the next generation of Avengers. The first ride will star Spider-Man as visitors help save the day from escaped spider bots. A later E-Ticket ride is expected to take place in Wakanda.



More details were given about the Mickey Mouse themed ride “Runaway Railway”. It apparently has a secret twist that the chairman of Disney Parks was unwilling to give away.

Shanghai Disney will be getting an eighth themed land based on Zootopia. And Hong Kong Disney will be getting a section based around the Frozen movie franchise.

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