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Constantine Resurrects Trouble on ARROW



Episode 405 “Haunted”

[photos: Ed Araquel & Cate Cameron/The CW]

Welcome to Arrow, John Constantine! We hope that you survive the experience!

Arrow fans received a late treat for Halloween in the form of John Constantine, the Hellblazer (Matt Ryan). The last time DCU fans were able to see the occult expert was at the end of his short-lived self-titled NBC series earlier this year.

On Wednesday, Team Arrow recruited the Hellblazer in order to help return the recently resurrected Sara Lance’s soul to her. Was he able to do the impossible? Read on to find out…

Warning! You are now entering the spoiler zone!

Arrow spoilers

Last time, we saw Sara Lance, she escaped her family home. Now, she caused a one-woman-crime-wave. Moments after she escaped the Star City Police Department’s patrol, Captain Lance was infuriated that Laurel hid the resurrected Sara from Oliver.  At the same time, Oliver met his new ally, Alex, who warned him to distance himself from Laurel Lance if he wanted to win the Star City electorate.

She's alive!
She’s alive!

Captain Lance met with Dahrk and he was infuriated that the Good Captain did not heed his advice. As Dahrk instructed the Good Captain to do his dirty work, the Queens found out that Sara was indeed alive and was also the woman responsible for the countless Star City slayings.  Oliver was furious with both Thea and Laurel that they hid their Nanda Parbat trip from him.  The new Star City mayoral candidate lectured his one-time love about playing with forces that were beyond her control.

Oliver also received word from a heated Captain Lance about Dahrk’s errand: implant a device which would shut down several important data servers. While he proved no help, Diggle (who has an axe to grind with Dahrk and H.I.V.E.) listened to Lance explain his unholy alliance with Dahrk. As he immediately signed on to Lance’s suicide mission, Felicity and Oliver talked about their exes and shared a tender moment remembering loved ones. They also revealed that the victims that Sara killed were doppelgängers of Thea.  Thea did not heed Oliver’s warning about Sara’s attack and did not expect to see Sara charging into her apartment with blood lust in her eyes!

    Friendship on the rocks? Laurel finally confronted Oliver about not being a true friend in this episode!
Friendship on the rocks? Laurel finally confronted Oliver about not being a true friend in this episode!

Oliver and Felicity took Thea to the hospital, and she told Oliver about how the Lazarus Pit would make its resurrected do horrible things. Laurel blasted Oliver about his hypocrisy on how that he could be mister high and mighty, but did not give a damn about her or her family. Thea also revealed that she killed Sara and the only way Sara could return back to normal was if she killed Oliver’s sister. As Thea tried to sleep, Sara arrived to finish the job. Despite throwing Thea off of her bed, she escaped right before Oliver and Laurel intervened.

Meanwhile Captain Lance and Diggle infiltrated the government headquarters and uploaded Dahrk’s virus. After Lance and Diggle finished uploading the virus, which wiped the file on Diggle’s brother, they managed to get past security when Lance flashed his badge and “took custody” of the “hacker”. Diggle went back to Team Arrow, who decided that the best solution was to go after Thea.  Meanwhile, Lance confronted Dahrk about Diggle’s brother. He ordered Dahrk to reveal Andy’s fate. Turns out Dahrk ordered a hit on him for being greedy and competing in the drug-running business.

As Lance left Dahrk’s office, Team Arrow was successful in recapturing Sara. Oliver called on an old ally, John Constantine, to help save Sara. Oliver and John had a history back on the island, where he saved Constantine from certain death, while he captured the Orb of Ra. John explained to Team Arrow that Sara needed a soul restoration. Captain Lance joined the group just in time as Constantine explained that he needed Oliver and Laurel’s assistance in this supernatural task.

Oliver, Laurel, and Constantine dive into the spiritual plane to rescue Sara.

Constantine, Laurel and Oliver headed into the underworld to save Sara’s soul. Before they responded to Sara’s cries for help, Constantine used magic to create a compass to guide them to Luarel’s sister. While Constantine dueled one of assassin’s men, Laurel and Oliver worked together to save Sara. Their efforts were successful as Sara returned to normal and reunited with her family.

Oliver thanked Constantine for his assistance and the supernatural specialist warned the Queens about the danger that Damien Dahrk presents to Star City. The archer also forgave his sister for keeping secrets from him. He also told Alex that he was not distancing himself from his friends (i.e.: Laurel Lance). Oliver also promised Laurel to be a better friend to her. Meanwhile, an energetic Holt revealed Ray’s final message to Felicity: “I’m alive and I’m in trouble.”

Surprise! Ray Palmer is alive! But can Team Arrow save him from Damian Dahrk's forces? (Photo property of the CW & DC Entertainment)
Surprise! Ray Palmer is alive! But can Team Arrow save him from Damian Dahrk’s forces?

Next week, the quest to save Ray Palmer begins! Can Team Arrow save Ray from Dahrk’s clutches!

My take: I will be honest with you, while I was not a viewer of the now defunct NBC series…I strongly believe that John Constantine (Matt Ryan) has a part to play in the Arrowverse. He had fantastic scenes with Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy and Emily Belt Richards. I could see him giving Team Flash (particularly Harry Wells, Cisco and Caitlin) grief or as a supporting character in Legends of Tomorrow.

I am also a little nervous about Oliver’s relationship with the Lances, especially that it is heavily rumored that Captain Lance might be killed off near the end of the season. Fans, please keep “Haunted” in mind that this episode showed the first crack in the beginning of the end of Oliver and Laurel friendship.

Also, Ray’s return could also jeopardize Oliver and Felicity’s relationship status, as Felicity was head over heels in love with the Atom.

Finally, I hope we will learn who Darhk’s bosses are! I hope that it is a big unseen DC Villain like Lex Luthor, Hush, Prometheus or Cheetah heading the H.I.V.E. organization! I hope that those villains can play a big role in the Arrowverse and could unite all of the heroes together.


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