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Being Impatient for BEING HUMAN!



Season Three Preview

Being Human Season Three begins Monday, January 14th, and over two million fans are anxiously awaiting kickoff. Executive producer Anna Fricke and series regular Sam Witwer (Aidan) were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedules to chat with media about Season Three.

For those of you who’ve killed brain cells along the way: at the end of Season Two, Aidan has been grounded, having incurred the wrath of Mother. Josh and Nora are in a Mexican standoff with Ray, and gun shots have been fired off-camera; we have no idea who’s been hurt (Ray, please Ray!). Sally suffers in limbo and is desperately searching for a way out, while Sally’s mom (and Scott?) await her return. And let’s count the dead: Julia is a-doored, Suren enjoyed her stake slightly rare, and Henry is hanging out, while Bishop remains in good spirit.

The storyline of Season Three picks up fifteen months after the finale of Season Two. Anna and Sam promise us a tangled-up, game-changing season that gets complicated early on. Reportedly, there are a lot of strange scenes with funny and unpredictable elements. The show remains consistent with its roots by further exploring the moral ground that relates to what it means to be human; however, a new sub-theme we can expect early on is, “Be careful what you wish for,”  as evidenced by previews we’ve seen in which Aidan is “free” and Josh no longer cohabitates with his wolf. As far as the roommates go, we can expect to see more interaction between them given the demise of Suren and the return of Aidan, and they have more common ground than ever before.

Aidan in particular sounds as though he is to have a rough go of it in the new season. Generally speaking, Aidan’s struggle with balance is challenged even more as he pieces himself back together after his time underground. His relationship to blood is different; after having gone through horrible withdrawals and then not having had any blood for over a year, he’s now more sensitive to it. Does that mean hilarious blood-drunk Aidan scenes await us viewers?  In any case, a vampire’s gotta eat, but his isolation blocks access to a safe food source, always a complicating factor.

Just as Season Two contained a number of flashbacks, Mr. Witwer promises us yet another season rich with the most ambitious flashbacks yet. In fact, the writers dedicate a whole four-episode arc to telling portions of the same flashback, in which the pieces are thematically based on what’s happening to Aidan in the present.

With regard to specific plot points, Mr. Witwer reports that, “Going after Mother is Aidan’s first priority, but things change.”  Of course it does. Also of interest, while Aidan’s had time to re-evaluate his relationship with the vampire race as a whole, his allegiance encounters an additional crisis of existential proportions. Apparently, the season is a freight train by the end for Aidan, so we have a lot to look forward to with this character.

As far as other characters, Season Three features new and returning guest stars including Mark Pellegrino, Amy Aquino, Xander Berkeley, Bobby Campo and Kyle Schmid. Amy Aquino appears as a witch this season, but Ms. Fricke reports that Ms. Aquino’s character is one who turns the whole witch thing on its head. Her character also brings power out of Sally, so we should anticipate impressive scenes from Sally this season. Meanwhile, Josh, dear doe-eyed Josh, becomes the glue for their poor little off-kilter brownstone.  He evolves as the preserver of the family unit and comes into his own as a man in this new season. Kristen Hager as Nora becomes a series regular in the new season, so one can imagine how the increased presence of another wolf in the house might challenge the dudes’ bromance.

With so many factors that we love about the show (even if only for a short two weeks) continuing into the new season, as well as all the new challenges, characters, and Aidan’s prodigious facial hair to whet our appetites, Monday just really cannot come fast enough. See you guys on Wednesday when we publish our first recap of Season Three, Episode One. Until then, fellow Being Friends and Family, stay strong; just a little while longer!


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6 thoughts on “Being Impatient for BEING HUMAN!

  • I have mixed feelings about Nora. I do appreciate the whole exploration of Freud’s id/ego/super-ego concepts with Nora, Sally/Aidan, and Josh. But Nora has definitely induced some face-palming moments!

    • well making her a new character your now hitting against a brick wall now! I cant understand how Huntington says its the same but the stories will be different? HOW for gods sake NORA JOSH GEORGE NINA what is not the same? I just dont get it

      • But you still watched on Monday…right? =)

      • hell yeah Lesliecwalker


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