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BEING HUMAN — It's That Time Again


Episode 402: “That Time of the Month”

[Photos: Phillipe Bosse/Syfy]

Heather gives us the lowdown on the second episode of season four. How is Sally able to hold onto certain objects? Can she help Nora free Josh? What’s next for Aidan and Kat? And will their relationship survive a blast from the past?




[Official Show Site on Syfy]    [Previous Recap: “Old  Dog, New Tricks”]


Heather French

Heather French is a 2nd generation geek who grew up STAR WARS in a STAR TREK family. A graduate from UNT with a degree in Film/ TV, she worked MARS ATTACKS, SCREAM, CSI, and STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE. She currently freelances and spends her free time with dogs and cats who do not judge her sci-fi/ fantasy indulgences...

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