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BEING HUMAN Is Fun for All Girls



Episode 302: “(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

[Photos: Phillipe Bosse/Syfy]

More father dynamics abound in this week’s episode of Being Human.  An furious man bursts into the dying Dutch clutch (herd? gaggle?) of vampires.  The werewolf demands his son, but realizes the gory wolf head nailed to the wall is his son.  Werewolf papa kills all the dying vamps (they looked like they smelled bad, anyway) and swears revenge against the perpetrators.  Why didn’t he assume he just killed all the perpetrators?

Odd thought: it appears that dear old dad leaves his son’s head behind.  I don’t know about you, but if I were supernatural and found even incomplete remains of one of my children, I’d take those remains with me until I could properly bury them.  As a non-super and law-abiding citizen, I would notify the authorities and allow them to investigate the scene without further interference from me…for the record.


In Boston, Zoe and Nick are reunited, and Stevie says goodbye.  It seems likely that Zoe and Nick will re-enter the story at some point.  Zoe’s abilities are too handy for her to disappear for all time.  As for Stevie, if we don’t see him again, I wish that kid well.  Sally’s right: be happy, it’s all fixable, no matter what happens.  It’s a sweet scene, representative of new-found hope on the show.  And then, a phone call….

Momentarily strengthened by (his own?) blood at the car crash, Aidan has scratched and crawled his way to a phone booth.  The non-hallucinated roommate reunion scene is the stuff of which great drama is made.  Sally squeals and laughs as she throws herself into a scruffy-looking Aidan’s arms; Aidan is stunned that she is solid and that Josh no longer smells like dog.  Man, it’s good to see these three together again, but Aidan’s face registers the reality: with Josh and Sally both quasi-human, Aidan’s now a danger to them.


At home, Sally bounds around with the enthusiasm of, well, someone back from the dead.  An evening out is planned, but it’s a full moon (of course) so Nora is out, and Aidan has to search for clean blood.  Josh struggles with the decision to frolic with Sally while Nora is caged, but in a scene that upped my liking for her immensely, Nora convinces Josh that living as if he were still a wolf is holding him back.

With Operation Bacchanalia back in business and our friends at a local bar, Sally orders Maine lobster roll, truffle fries, a sushi platter and several pomegranate martinis at a local bar.  She is a gastronome after my own little heart.  Sally is giddy, and Josh is carefree.  He delights in her delight, and both of them revel in the moment.  What a lovely reminder to all of us: life is short, stop time to time, breathe, Zen out, and soak it all in.

Josh tells Sally that he and Nora have gotten really close (is fifteen months long enough to mourn a dead fiancee), and he wants to get married.  Sally says the most practical thing I’ve ever heard her say: why don’t you live together, you just turned human, maybe you should take a beat and just enjoy it?  But Josh argues that he wanted to be human and getting married is the most human thing he could do.

Suddenly, the worst happens: Sally is recognized by a guy from her past.  In this scene, Meaghan Rath as Sally flexes her comic genius.  She avoids eye contact, hmms and haws, and pretends to be someone else, but Trent (the guy) has a couple of things stacked in his favor: he was at her funeral and can give her the gossipy details, and he’s good-looking at a time when our young Sally is looking for love.

Sally lies about faking her death to get away from Danny, and then flirts with Trent until she decides to take him home, “…like a goody bag.”  There’s more great dialogue as Josh tries to talk her out of it, but what Sally wants, Sally gets…sorta.  She does get a little action on the front steps of the brownstone with Trent, but he declines the invitation to go inside because he doesn’t feel well.  He does, however, want to see Sally the next night.

While Josh and Sally cavort, Nora is confronted by Liam McLean, Connor and Brynn’s father.  He wants to know what Nora knows.  She parted ways with Brynn over a year ago and claims she knows nothing.  Liam can smell Nora’s fear, so he locks them both up in the storage unit, so they can change together and his wolf can size up her wolf’s trustworthiness.


Aidan’s mission for blood ends badly.  Blood bags no longer work, because there’s no way of knowing the donor’s flu status.  Aidan buys “guaranteed clean” blood on the streets, but is told the blood is from a newborn.  Momentarily horrified, Aidan is distracted and several werewolves attack him.  Out of nowhere, a surprisingly hale and hearty Henry rescues him and takes him home.


Henry never provides much explanation for his escape from Mother, but he introduces Aidan to his girlfriend Emma.  Never having gotten the flu, Emma is Henry’s source for clean blood, as well as the apparent love of his life.  She cheerfully agrees to share her blood with Aidan, until she and Aidan are alone.  Aidan tries to converse a little, but his gentle questions uncover that Emma lives with and feeds Henry against her will.  She panics and bolts, but Henry re-compels her, for probably the hundredth time.  The situation offends Aidan’s sensibilities.


The show ends with several threads that require resolution.  Aidan and Sally discuss her fun night; wait a second, did they just share that kind of glance?  They hear sirens outside, and go take a peek.  Trent is being zipped up in a body bag.  Is Sally somehow responsible for Trent’s death?  Josh goes to the storage unit to ask Nora to marry him, but the storage unit is shredded.  No Nora, no Liam.  Did Nora fail Liam’s wolf test?  Aidan lets Emma go.  Will Henry forgive him?  How will Aidan feed?  And when are Donna and Ray going to surface, for God’s sake?  That’s the other shoe waiting to drop.   Make sure you take a moment to Zen out sometime this week, and I’ll catch you guys next week.


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