What happened in Sangre de Christo? (image courtesy Savageland Film Facebook page)
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The West Gets Weirder in Found Footage Movie SAVAGELAND


[All images courtesy the Savageland Facebook page]

Since The Blair Witch Project (which I wrote a Retro Review on recently) broke the “found footage” horror subgenre into the movie mainstream, movie audiences have seen FF titles that were profitable blockbusters (the Paranormal Activity series) or used the format in new and original ways (Chronicle and The Bay) — and many movies that were neither (The Gallows).

After a tour of film festivals ranging from San Diego Comic Con, the New Orleans Horror Film Festival, and the Independent Filmmakers Showcase IFS Film Festival, found footage horror movie Savageland has been picked up by Terror Films (previously featured in SciFi4Me) for 2017 North American distribution through Digital, EST (Electronic Sell Through), and Video on Demand. Savageland was written and directed by Phil Guidry, Simon Herbert and David Whelan.

Savageland poster

While much of its specific plot points are still veiled in secrecy, enough is known of Savageland‘s story and setting to indicate a found footage movie with something original.

On the night of June 2, 2011, the largest mass murder in American history occurs in the off-the-grid border town of Sangre de Cristo, Arizona, just a few miles north of Mexico. The entire population of 57 disappears overnight, and the next morning nothing is left but blood trails into the desert … (synopsis from Savageland’s website.)

Only one survivor remains in Sangre de Cristo — an illegal alien, initially suspected of committing the massacre. The 36 photos documenting the night’s events he possesses may tell a much different story. See the trailer below.

Savageland - shrouded in mystery acquired for distribution by Terror Films. (image courtesy Savageland Facebook page)

The movie is set to be distributed in 2017 through digital, EST (Electronic Sell Through), and Video on Demand platforms. For more information on the movie, visit the Savageland website.


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