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After 10,000 Years Elizabeth Banks Is Free As Rita Repulsa!


More casting news for the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie. The announcement was made on the Power Rangers Instagram account, that Elizabeth Banks has been cast as the classic PR villainess Rita Repulsa.


Banks was last seen playing Effie Trinket in the Hunger Games films, and she has also been in such movies as both Pitch Perfect movies, and The LEGO Movie.

Banks plays Gail, the acapella commentator in Pitch Perfect and the sequel, which she directed, and she is set to reprise her role in Pitch Perfect 3. She was the voice of Wyldstyle, Batman’s girlfriend and main female lead, in The LEGO Movie. Her role as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games series of films had her in outlandish and flamboyant outfits, which is not too far of a stretch from Rita Replusa’s style.

Rita Repulsa is the main villain for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers seasons 1 and 3. In season 2 her husband Lord Zedd is the main villain but she still plays a major part.

Carla Pérez as Rita Repulsa

Found in her dumpster on the moon by astronauts, Rita is set free and makes plans to destroy the Earth.

During the first season, she creates Tommy, the evil Green Ranger, but he eventually turns good. In the second season, Rita marries Lord Zedd and they become a power couple of evil. In the third season, she creates an evil spy named Kat, giving her dark powers and the ability to transform into a cat. Eventually turning on Rita, Kat became the second pink ranger. At the end of the series, Rita’s father, Lord Vile, comes down and turns all the rangers into kids, which prompts the events of Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers and Power Rangers Zeo.

Rita doesn’t have much of a big part in the rest of the seasons, but she does get redemption and eventually is revealed as the Mystic Mother, the source of the magical powers that is granted to the Rangers in Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Rita is a space witch and her staff is used to make monsters grow after they are defeated. I am really curious about how Elizabeth Banks is going to play her, whether it will be serious or a fun campy version. I am excited about this news and am putting my faith in the producers and everyone involved.


Jeff Hackworth

Jeff Hackworth hails from the Republic of Texas, where he possesses mascot powers, cosplay skills, Power Ranger knowledge, comics and video game abilities, while being a mild mannered school teacher.

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