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SciFi4Chicks FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Needs the Good Man

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As season finales go, Fear the Walking Dead did a respectable job. But is that enough for a “companion” to the hit series, and uber-fan favorite, The Walking Dead? We’re still on the fence, but since Rick and company have had five seasons for us to know and love (or hate) them, is it fair to only give Fear six episodes to win us over? Probably not. But it does give us more to nitpick about. The producers have given us this world, and they should know we will have eagle eyes and demand perfection. Still, certain characters have won us over (any guesses?), and we look forward to a better sophomore season.

Heather, Jennifer and Dorin talk about the season 1 finale of Fear the Walking Dead “The Good Man.”  We’re not quite sure who that good man is, but they left us with some intriguing questions: What will happen now between Travis and Madison? More importantly, and probably more interestingly, what will happen between Travis and Chris? (Yay! Chris might get a compelling story line!) Why is Nick so valuable to Strand? What did Strand do, both in his pre-zombie life AND to get himself imprisoned in the first place? Will Daniel become even more hardened with Griselda gone and Ofelia shot? Will they get to Abigail? Who was Abigail? And what is that red tide? Take a listen, share the podcast with other deadheads, and let us know!

The panel: Heather French, Dorin Schadel, Jennifer Wise.

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