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A SUPERNATURAL Resolution, Hopefully


Episode 806 “Southern Comfort”

I’m distracted while I write this. Not just because I have a cold, but because of the AWESOME preview of next week’s show, and the Twitter spoiler that made me forget about this previous hour. But more about those at the bottom.

I like Garth as much as the next person, but this episode was one long annoyance for me. I know I’m in a tiny minority, at least according to the feedback the show received on their Facebook page, but as soon as Garth started trying to take on Bobby’s stuff, I started going all capslock to the friend in Ohio I was watching it with over chat.

Dean said it best: He’s not Bobby, he’ll never be Bobby, and he shouldn’t be doing Bobby things. Dean shouldn’t have even let him have that hat. Here’s a tip, writers: If it’s that obvious that fans love Bobby to the point that you need to have another character start pretending to be him, maybe you should, oh I don’t know, find a way to BRING HIM BACK. Perhaps as an angel or something. Just saying.

Then there was yet more of the annoying veterinarian woman. I guess we’re supposed to see that she’s damaged goods, and he’s damaged goods, and they both lost someone dear to them recently, and so they’re kindred spirits in a way, and blahblahwhatever. The problem is that she just comes across as bitchy, and a little bit passive-aggressive psycho, which makes Sam apologetic for breathing, and I have seriously had my fill of this woman. If I see one more flashback with her in it, I’m going to do something rash.

The monster-of-the-week story was okay, and the climax of the episode was well done and interesting. The cursed object forced Dean’s hand, which also forced Sam’s, and in the end, after Sam finally found the nuts that he’d been missing since the beginning of the season (and part of last season), they blew up at each other and worked out a truce. Huzzah. So hopefully we’re all done with them sniping at each other constantly week after week.

Now, about next week. I have one word: CASTIEL.

Yes. Castiel and the Winchesters against… anybody they want. Crowley, okay, that’s fine. They need to resolve the Kevin storyline. But seriously. Castiel and the Winchesters and Bobby could battle anybody they want to throw at those four, and I’d be a happy camper for a whole season. That’s the magic combination. It works. The fans love it, and love them. Even without Bobby, the three of them can do whatever they want, as long as they’re a team, and it’s gold.

My dream scenario: Castiel, Bobby and the Winchesters, with a Ben Edlund script every week. I would quickly become a fangirl for reals.

Spoiler Alert!

Speaking of fangirls, not too long ago, Felicia Day tweeted that she had just wrapped on Supernatural. She played the spunky computer genius Charlie Bradbury in “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo” that was one of the most popular episodes of last season, and fans have been wondering if or when she would be back. According to that tweet, the answer is “soon.”

There is hope for the rest of this season!


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