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Netflix Releases Halloween Video For STRANGER THINGS BarbFans


Fans of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things may have not got tricked, but they got treated on Halloween this year when they received a new video of an archival news real from 5 KIYZ Hawkins, Indiana. The headlining topic on the “Minute by Minute” segment with Brenda Wood? The fate of Barb.

She reports, “When asked to describe Barbara, her friends and peers praised her as someone who was loyal to a fault.” She can “really rock a pair of mom jeans – or, as we call them now, jeans,” has “an absolutely fantastic pair of glasses,” and she is the kind of best friend that can tell when you are “wearing a new bra.”

Netflix posted a YouTube video on Halloween night for the Barbfans who have latched onto this small role character and demanded justice for her demise. She has possibly became the biggest cult figure of 2016, as a nerdy teenager, played by Shannon Purser, being a symbol for those of us who went unnoticed in high school, followed all the rule, therefore, did not fit in with the popular kids who were having more fun. On the other hand, maybe it was her sense of style and oversized glasses…

Her short run on the series created a phenomenon, inspiring hashtags such as #JusticeForBarb and #WeAreAllBarb, as well as graffiti and tattoos. Even Purser was baffled since “Barb wasn’t supposed to be a big deal.”

Matt Duffer, half of the shows creative team, promised to make sure there was some justice for Barb, for the fans since the town does not really seem to be dealing with her disappearance. Since the first season takes place in only six or seven days, the full long term effect of a Barb-less world is not shown. Dealing with the repercussions of Season One will possibly be explored in the recently announced Season Two.

Also in the news reel is a plea from Woods to the public in helping find the young juvenile responsible for the shoplifting incident where an extreme amount of frozen waffles were stolen and to “avoid Mirkwood this Halloween.”

The production for Season 2 is in the works and set to have nine episodes released in 2017.


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