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TRAILER PARK: Super Bowl Edition


Well, Sunday gave us the biggest football game of the year, and you know what that means: movie trailers!

We were lucky to see a good batch of genre stuff this year amidst an underwhelming game, so let’s see what we got!




Batman Vs. Superman: Turkish Airlines

Wow. This one I liked a lot. A BvS spot in the form of a pair of travel commercials for Gotham City and Metropolis, featuring our first good look at Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. I gotta admit, I like his style. Very modern billionaire. Love the uniqueness of these commercials.


Deadpool Superb Owl

Another touchdown for the Deadpool marketing team. From the emoji poster (and it’s hilarious follow-up), to the romantic comedy spoofs, the people over at FOX have just been killing the game from the start with this marketing campaign. Slam dunk. Sports metaphor.


X-Men: Apocalypse

Not a lot of new footage from the trailer we got last month, but we did get a good look at Sophie Turner suited up as Jean Grey/Marvel Girl, a peek at Tye Sheridan’s powers as Scott Summers/Cyclops, and perhaps most importantly of all, an extra-cool intro from Olivia Munn’s Betsy Braddock/Psylocke! Excitement!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

“What are the most important traits of the ninja?” asks Raph. Well, one of them is Megan Fox in a school girl outfit, another is skateboarding off buildings, and the third is Stephen Amell! (Pro Tip: The third thing is always Stephen Amell.)


Captain America: Civil War

Pick a side, everybody! “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” is the chant of all our favorite Marvel heroes as they prepare for an all-out war. Highlights? Tony being surprised Bucky would shoot him in the face, both teams lined up against each other, and “You chose the wrong side.” (For anyone who’s wondering, I’m firmly #TeamCap.)


Marvel’s Coke Ad: Hulk vs. Ant-Man

For those of you who think it wouldn’t be much of a match-up…well, you were right. But in all fairness, Scott did totally start it.


10 Cloverfield Lane

Other than confirming my long-held suspicion that John Goodman is a doomsday fanatic, this spot doesn’t give us a whole lot of detail on the upcoming sequel from JJ & Co. Still, worth a view.


Independence Day: Resurgence

The 20-years-in-the-making sequel starring Liam Hemsworth boasts all the action and excitement of the Will Smith-helmed original, but modernized. Love the jets, not crazy about how Jeff Goldblum has aged.


Jason Bourne

The exclusive first look at the 30th Bourne movie doesn’t offer up anything you wouldn’t expect it to- Jason Bourne, we need you to save the world- but watch it anyway to see Matt Damon plow a car into a bunch of other cars.

And, finally, for the most important trailer of them all….



No clever commentary to be had here. Just epicness.


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