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H2O #162: In Which We Discuss Marvel, The Munsters, and More


Back to our regular-ish time episode length as we bounce around on several topics:

  1. What’s Marvel got in store for the Fantastic Four?
  2. What’s going on with Aunt May?
  3. What’s up with the reboot of The Munsters?
  4. We’ll talk about Google next week.

Is DC Comics doing their own version of the Fantastic Four with The Terrifics? It seems so. Meanwhile, Tom Holland would like Tobey McGuire to play Uncle Ben — and should Aunt May be a character defined by her sex appeal? Plus: problems with the Aquaman movie, which leads to a discussion about Namor and The Hulk. Because this week, we wander. But we’re not lost.

[audioplayer file=”″ titles=”H2O #162: In Which We Discuss Marvel, The Munsters, and More” artists=”SciFi4Me Radio” track=”d8b94d”]

Programming note: H2O is currently experimenting with a live stream of our recording sessions on SciFi4Me TV.2.

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