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The Geekly with a Twist: November 25th-December 1st

Hey everyone!  Annaleigh here working through a tryptophan haze to bring you your weekly Geekly!  You are now allowed to talk about Christmas, but carols still will get stereos chucked out of windows.  So, without any more stalling, onward with the history!

November 26th, 1965: France launches the satellite the Diamant-A, making it the third country to enter space.

November 27th, 1701: Anders Celsius, the inventor of the Celsius thermometer, is born in Uppsala, Sweden.

November 28th, 1964: The U.S. space probe Mariner IV is launched from Cape Kennedy.  It would later perform the first successful flyby of the planet Mars.

November 28th, 1983: The STS-9 Spacelab is launched aboard the space shuttle Columbia.

November 29th, 1961: Enos the chimp is launched into space aboard the Mercury-Atlas 5.  He completed 2 orbits around the Earth before he was brought back planetside.

Bonus!: The term “Cyber Monday” was first used in 2005 to describe the rush of internet sales following Thanksgiving.  The sales jumps and amazing deals are similar to Black Friday, but the injuries are less frequent.  (I mean, you might get a bit of carpal tunnel from the insane amounts of typing, but I don’t forsee any black eyes.)

For the Twist this week, why not try something a bit festive?  Check out my special Thanksgiving Cocktails from yesterday to help you recover from your Turkey overdose!

And, lastly, for your Garnish and in continuation of our Holiday Shopping Guide, this week we’ve got the lovely Etsy shop of Lost Realm.

Omg. Want.

 A brilliant store with all sorts of great Harry Potter-esque items and more for your favorite potionmaster!  I can’t even describe it, but you’ve gotta just adore all of the bottles with everything from Butterbeer to Polyjuice Potion and even more muggle-like herbs.  Go check it out!

Also, be sure to come back Monday for a special Cyber Monday surprise featuring one of our favorite stores here at SciFi4Me…

Until then, geek on!

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  • Love etsy! Another great find Annaleigh!!


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