THE EXORCIST Lets ‘Em In – Then It Hits the Fan

The third chapter of THE EXORCIST “levels up” in darkness, intensity, and mystery. “Let ‘Em In” brings to the television version of The Exorcist disturbing, “can’t look away” levels of horror reminiscent of its’ movie parent.

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THE EXORCIST Speaks of the Devil, and Many Appear

“Speak of the devil, and he shall appear,” or for fans of the original Latin – “Lupus in Fabula, venit enim ad me.” THE EXORCIST’s second episode develops a fascinating mystery with a dollop or two of gross-out as the possession of Angela Rance continues.

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Beyond Pea Soup and Rotating Heads? THE EXORCIST Comes to Television

With a new set of characters in a modern day Chicago parish, THE EXORCIST television series attempts to set its’ own path within “The Exorcist Universe”.

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The Power of THE EXORCIST Franchise Compels You To Read This Retro Review

Before the premiere of THE EXORCIST television series on FOX, SciFi4Me takes a new look at THE EXORCIST from 1973, including some aspects that usually get lost in the pea soup vomit.

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