8Bits: Talking About Micro-Transactions

This month, the discussion centers around micro-transactions. DLCs, upgrades, extension packs… is this good or bad for the gaming industry? Are the corporate game developers nickel-&-diming everyone? Is there a benefit for some companies?

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SDCC 2016: The Video Game Report

Continuing our coverage of the news from Comic-Con International in San Diego, here’s a look at the video game announcements.

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8Bits February: Games We’ve Played, Games We Want to Play

This month on SciFi4Me Radio’s “8Bits”, the gang talks about the latest games they’ve played, plus a look at the early access over on GOG, and a few opinions on games that work and games that don’t. Plus: what’s up with “Five Nights at Freddie’s”?

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WEEK IN REVIEW — 4-26-15

  KANSAS CITY, MO ~ The latest headlines from all over the science fiction and fantasy genre. THIS WEEK: ~

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KANSAS CITY, MO — It’s back! The long-dormant Week in Review makes it return for 2015, with a new format

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