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WEEK IN REVIEW — 5-24-15

  KANSAS CITY, MO — The latest headlines from the science fiction & fantasy genre. _______________ THIS WEEK: ~ Fantastic

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WEEK IN REVIEW — 4-12-15

  The latest headlines from all over the science fiction and fantasy genre. THIS WEEK: ~ Star Wars rumors ~

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H2O #44: In Which We Discuss The Potential of 2015

_______________ Delayed by just a bit of scheduling and snow and seasonal allergies and some kind of bug that will

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Science Fiction News — WEEK IN REVIEW — Week 48 2013

Catching up! This week: Man of Steel 2, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and lots of casting news for so many

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Science Fiction Headlines — WEEK IN REVIEW — Week 09 2013

This week: more Star Wars news, a new Flatliners (do we really need a remake?), plus SpaceX, Riddick, and Hobbits!

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Science Fiction Headlines — WEEK IN REVIEW — Week 04 2013

A little late in the day, but still on Saturday. This week: JJ goes to a galaxy far, far away.

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