It Isn’t Over ’til Captain Howdy Sings: 5 Reasons FOX Should Renew THE EXORCIST

THE EXORCIST on FOX may not have the highest ratings. But it has built a scary new story within the frames of a horror classic, and deserves another season.

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Recap: Captain Howdy Wears Prada on THE EXORCIST

Captain Howdy possesses Angela Rance, takes over the demonic plan to assassinate Pope Sebastian and gives Geena Davis a tour de force showcase in THE EXORCIST’s penultimate episode “162”.

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Recap: Captain Howdy Steals the Show from THE EXORCIST

Captain Howdy takes center stage in “The Griefbearers” and in the person of Robert Emmet Lunney, steals the show. The Devil always gets the best lines!

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Recap: THE EXORCIST – Up Jumps the Devil

The “Pope Visiting Chicago” subplot gets a bit of screen time this week on The Exorcist, while the continuing possession and attempted exorcism of Casey Rance builds to a stunning cliffhanger in “Father of Lies”.

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Recap: THE EXORCIST Hosts a Beggars Banquet of the Damned

The rest of Chicago may be celebrating the Cubs World Series win, but there is no joy for the Rance family – for the possessed Casey has struck out (on her own) in Star of the Morning.

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