This week: a change of pace as we continue to recover from last week’s episode. The introduction of Ezekiel and Shiva, plus a top-shelf performance by Melissa McBride.

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ZOMBPOCALYPSE NOW: THE WALKING DEAD Returns And Team Zombie Has Thoughts

THE WALKING DEAD returns! And we finally find out who meets Lucille and doesn’t live to tell the tale. Was this the worst episode ever, as some say? Or was it on par with some of the better hours?

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Recap: SciFi4Chicks Talks a Whopper of an iZOMBIE Podcast

A liar’s brain starts SciFi4Chicks down a road of truth. Will Clive get the answers he seeks? Will Major and Blaine have an anti-bromance? Can Liv look past Drake’s truth? For a Bonus, add a little Rick and Daryl to the mix, and it’s a zombie fest!

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