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Episode 10.6 “Ask Jeeves”

[Photos: Michael Courtney/The CW]

One beastie, two hot guys, and a couple of guns. That’s how we first knew the Winchesters. And I feel like this is what the writers are trying to get back to in a sense. They want to rejuvenate the boys and open the path to get the boys back to what they had been doing from the start. It’s an interesting direction for the tenth season, and it makes a lot of sense. But I have to wonder just how well it’s working. They’ve lost any kind of direction for our boys, and if they don’t get Sam and Dean on track soon, the show is going to start suffering.

Just as Sam and Dean are back to hunting, any leads that would actually give our boys some results have disappeared. So Dean goes to a back up plan, and suggests that the two of them follow a call he got on one of Bobby Singer’s old phones, and head to a will reading for a rich old lady, who left something to the late hunter. Driving up to a fancy mansion in the Impala in what is anything but designer clothes may not have been the best idea. What they find is a family straight out of a soap opera. What do you know? Another supernatural problem for them to fix. No rest for the boys, it seems.


Bobby Singer was imperative to the Winchesters when he was alive, and thankfully he still seems to have some kind of effect in death. It’s a bit heart wrenching to watch this rift between the Winchesters while they are on a hunt that Bobby essentially sent them on from beyond the grave. Bobby took John Winchester’s spot as a father figure to Sam and Dean and did excellently raising the boys. All the hurt between the Winchesters recently makes me think back to how Bobby would kick Dean and Sam in line when the two fought for no reason. The boys lost that, and now they can’t seem to get over themselves long enough to think through how they are treating each other and how much they both need each other.

What kind of episode would it be if Dean wasn’t insisting he was fine? Every episode Sam has to check to make sure Dean is still fit to hunt. The mark could be  making him so psycho and if so, it is not going to do the boys any favors in the future. If Dean can’t control his bloodthirstiness and goes on a crazy shooting spree at the wrong time, it will just mean more death and more problems for the Winchesters. I have no idea why Dean is being so stubborn about it all. He should want his brother to help. It’s not even like Sam seems particularly bothered about taking care of Dean. In fact, he has gone out of his way to help Dean this season. So what in the world could Dean be trying to achieve by all of this?

Sam is trying so hard. But he isn’t really doing anything. Just generally. Nothing. He maybe trying, but how can he just take Dean’s word that there is nothing wrong when there is very obviously still something up with his big brother? I don’t understand where motivation behind just going along with whatever Dean says. Sam quitting and saying all is well as soon as the outside symptoms are gone are not enough. Maybe Sam is just happy pretending everything is okay for now. But that can only last so long.

It’s also rather horrible to hear Sam comment about how the only people left in the family are him and Dean. I don’t think this is even remotely true. Cas is out there still, although the boys seem to be doing everything they can to not help Cas. Charlie may not have been around in a while, but she is out there and will surely pop back up again soon. Jody is out there and kicking. We know she couldn’t just give up. Even Chuck is around as we saw in the last episode. Knowing the show’s lack of death permanence, pretty much anyone could come back whenever the writers wanted.


Why does it seem to be that the writers are abandoning any kind of reason for the boys to be hunting? With everything quiet, and with the need for the boys to relax, what is to stop the brothers from trying again at the old apple pie life? I  don’t see what is to be achieved by Sam and Dean prancing around the country for another fifteen episodes. We need something to hope for the boys. Something we can get excited about and know the lead up if for. That’s the whole point of a story arc. As far as I’m concerned, while this episode was funny and had its clever pieces, overall it left me wanting more as far as story. I don’t feel I can judge it too harshly for one awkward episode, as I feel every show has some. But if they don’t get it on track soon, we might have to deal with a rough season. Prayer circle for the Winchesters and that their characters stay intact.

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