STAR OCEAN 5 Gets Release in June


The long awaited continuation of the Star Ocean® saga will be arriving in the North American marketplace on June 28 for PlayStation 4. SQUARE ENIX® released the teaser trailer for Star Ocean®: Integrity and Faithlessness™ which shows that this latest installment to the sci-fi RPG adventure game series is set to take place in the years between Star Ocean®: The Second Story™ and Star Ocean®: Till the End of Time™.  Players will follow the main character Fidel Camuze and his team of friends as they protect a young girl named Relia while engaging in a battle that may change the fate of their planet Faykreed.

[courtesy of Square Enix]
[courtesy of Square Enix]
Both the Collector’s Edition and Day One Edition are available for pre-order now so players can enjoy the best of the Star Ocean® experience. Visit the Star Ocean Twitter page (@StarOcean) for more information on what is available in either game pack.

[courtesy of the Star Ocean Twitter feed]

[courtesy of the Star Ocean Twitter feed]

Among the collectibles available in the Collector’s Edition is a steelbook case containing the game and CD soundtrack sampler “The Sounds of Star Ocean”, a hardcover art book, and eight exclusive art cards.

Also included in both special Editions of Star Ocean®: Integrity and Faithlessness™ codes to download in-game items:  The Ring of the Valkyries, Gold Bunny Statue,  Bushybrume Cincture, Wristlet of the Stars and  Secret Sthalian Tome.

The Day One Edition, priced at $59.99, is available for pre-order at all participating retailers. The Collector’s Edition is exclusively available for pre-order via the Square Enix Online Store for $109.99.

You can see the newest trailer for Star Ocean®: Integrity and Faithlessness™ here:


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