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Roundup 10.5.11 – BATStuff

Holy Hijinks!

Well, OK, not really… but there’s quite a bit of spoilery stuff in the stack with regard to Batman and his latest escapades. Yes, plural. Because not only is Batman returning for the third Christopher Nolan film, The Dark Knight Rises (of course, you knew this already), but he’s also going to be in an all-new animated iteration on Cartoon Network.


Plenty of set photos and videos are making their way around the Interwebz:

Movieweb collected these from various sources. Photos show Anne Hathaway in what appears to be full Catwoman regalia, although many have reacted negatively to the super-high-heeled boots.

Latino Review has three videos from the Los Angeles leg of the production. These show the Batwing and ‘splosions.

Salt at the ready for this one: According to reports on Worst Previews, Cillian Murphy may be returning as the Scarecrow.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who may or may not be playing a police officer, is out promoting 50/50 now, but is giving very diplomatic answers whenever TDKR enters the conversation. Here’s a bit at HitFix.

IGN talked with Jonathan Nolan about the movie, including a bit about the leaks and got this from the director’s brother: “As soon as you release something in the theaters, like a trailer, people go in and they record it with their iPhone or a camera, and they put it online.” It’s just part and parcel with what movies have to deal with now.

Italian actor Massi Furlan has been reportedly added to the cast, although it’s not clear what character he’ll play. He’s been on “One Tree Hill”, “General Hospital” and “Criminal Minds”, along with an uncredited appearance in J. J. Abrams’ Star Trek. [Metro]

On Location Vacations has details about the need for extras in Magnus Rex, which is commonly known as the Nolan movie’s answer to Blue Harvest.  The audition call listed the need for “physically fit athletes, people with military and/or law enforcement training/experience, weapons training, and/or martial arts training”. Auditions were October 1.

MTV caught up with Marion Cotillard and asked her about her part in the movie. Many have speculated that she’s playing Talia Al Ghul, even though officially her character is named Miranda Tate, a board member with Wayne Enterprises. She says her character is not based on anyone in the comic book. So, technically, she could be telling the truth, as it applies to Tate. But if Tate is a cover persona for Talia, this could be a case of using the truth to decieve.

And Gary Oldman told Love Film this installment in the trilogy is “very special”, but he’s sworn to secrecy on the details of the script.

MTV has this interview with Juno Temple, who would neither confirm nor deny that she’s playing Selina Kyle’s plucky sidekick Holly Robinson in the new film. Her “no comment” is awash with tease. Robinson was the teenager who hung out with a pre-Catwoman Selina in Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One graphic novel.


Batman is also coming back to Cartoon Network after the end of his run on … Cartoon Network.

Sam Register, exec VP of Creative Affairs at Warner Brothers Animation, was at MIP Junior as the keynote speaker. He revealed that as part of next year’s line-up, a new Batman will rise in an all-CGI toon called “Beware the Batman”. As implied by the title, this will be darker than “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”, although it will feature the same kind of lower-tier characters. Most notably, though, is the use of Katana as a sidekick. And Alfred has a gun. [More at The Fandom Post]



And Batman: Year One hits the streets soon. Harry Knowles at Ain’t It Cool has his copy, and he’s been gushing about it on his Twitter feed.

The animated picture has its own Twitter feed here.

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