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Allrighty folks, time to drop another roundup for you after a week that been, well, to call it “eventful” is an understatement with with the tragedies in Boston and Texas. My thoughts and well wishes are with those that have been affected.

First off let’s talk about the trailer for Man Of Steel that got dropped on us, and hey, just in time for the 75th anniversary of Superman! Here’s a few of my big thoughts on what we saw in that trailer……………


Looks like we’re gonna get what we should have got with Returns a few years back, A REBOOT!!! But with that, it looks like we’re gonna get some retelling of the origin story as well. The glimpse of Costner we saw as Pa Kent delivering the, “You are my son” line looks like we may get some good stuff out of it, but what may really cheese me off is if too much of the film is spent on retelling the origin story of Supes. The origin story of Superman is now so rooted into the American mythology that everyone knows it, even folks who don’t read comics! Hopefully the story of young Clark Kent will be told in flashbacks, and not in the first part of the movie wasting time that can be spent on the story of Supes Vs. Zod.

Speaking of Zod, this brings me to my next point. A friend of mine was bummed that Zod is being brought in as the main baddie for this story. Seeing as how we’ve already seen him before why not bring in someone else from the gallery of Superman villains was his thought. I’m betting there’s some others that feel this way so I thought I’d at least drop my two bits here cause I do agree with that to a point. Just seeing the trailer shows that we’re gonna get a different Zod than we saw back in the Chris Reeve days so that helps, but guys like Brainiac and Metallo, IMO, have been kept to the small screen showing up in the Warner Brothers animated stuff for far too long and are great villains! Fingers crossed we see at least one of them them pop up in the next Superman movie; that is, if this one goes over good enough for us to get another one. That “S” is supposed to stand for hope? Let’s hope that this is the Superman movie that reboots the franchise the right way, and if the rumors are true, opens the door for that long awaited Justice League movie. (Sorry about the pun with the “S” and hope back there, sometimes you can’t pass it up!!)

On the comic book front this week, Dynamite gave us Dark Shadows Year One. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! You know, should I really have to say that about spoilers if you know the story? I mean, this franchise has been around for a little bit, got a revamp in the early 90’s and the movie with Johnny Depp last year. Ah well, better safe than sorry. This book takes us back to when the original soap opera vampire, Barnabas Collins, was still a human. Back when America was in its infancy, and due to the libido of Barnabas, the whole Collins family has to pay the price. You see, Barnabas has a one night fling with a woman named Angelique while he’s engaged to Josette. Angelique wants Barnabas, he shoots her down for Josette, and well, you know what they say about a woman scorned. Oh, did I mention that Angelique is a witch? Well that little tidbit ramps up her plans for revenge against Barnabas and his family, making for a big heaping mound of suffering.

We’ve got a good story here that moves at a fast pace, almost too fast. It makes me wonder if the fast pace is in place to intensify how dire of a situation that the Collins clan is in, or is this getting us moved along at a quick pace to get to the “Barnabas becoming a vampire” part? Artwork wise the book looks pretty good. It may just be me, but it looks like there was a little more attention paid to Angelique, but it works as you can see some of the evil/crazy lurking behind those eyes.

I can see why Dynamite put this book out. The story of the downfall of Barnabas is a good one, and the current Dark Shadows book picks up where the original show left off, so there’s gotta be some people picking up that book still a little in the dark and we should get them up to speed. But if you’re a fan of the original show and the current comic this book really isn’t covering any new ground for you. Unless you are a Dark Shadows superfan and you gotta have everything that’s put out you can pass on this.

On the television front, Fox has started dropping promos for it’s “ADHD” (animation domination high def) programming that looks to get a slice of that Adult Swim pie. Big news on this one, if you didn’t know, is that the animated version of the Dark Horse comic Axe Cop is part of this!

For those not in the know, this is a comic created when artist Ethan Nicolle illustrated the imaginary stories of his then five year old brother, Malachai about a cop with a fireman axe and the adventures he has fighting crime with partners like Flute Cop and ninja moon warriors. The voice of Axe Cop? Done by none other than Nick Offerman!! That’s right, Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation!! Axe Cop is something that I’ve really enjoyed reading just because of how its stories that are just basically the stream of thought of a young kid that wind up be creative, bizarre, hilarious, and a fun read! My big worry: how well will this type of storytelling translate to television? I’m going to remain optimistic about it until we get to see the finished product on July 27th. Even then, good or bad, I’m just excited to hear Offerman yell the Axe Cop catchphrase, “I’LL CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF!!!”

That wraps it up for me folks, time to head back the haven of scum and villany that I call my couch, where the comics and movies seem to keep popping up like rabbits, not that I’m complaining, mind you.

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