Luke Speaks! Corellia! Phasma Spoilers? — SALACIOUS CRUMBS Episode XXXXIV


Salacious Crumbs is SciFi4Me’s up-to-the-minute news & rumor program about the Star Wars universe. Tune in every other Sunday at 6pm CST US for a brand new episode!

This week on Episode XXXXIV:

00:22 – Lightsaber battle world record! #battle4kc

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02:13 – Phasma weapon spoilers?
03:15 – Han Solo film casting news
03:45 – Fuerteventura as Corellia?
04:55 – The Last Jedi official footage screens for Disney
06:52 – Rey identity theory
07:38 – Frank Oz comments with “no comment”
08:37 – fan theory for The Last Jedi

11:28 – New from Marvel: Darth Vader #1
13:51 – that Darth Vader scene almost wasn’t
15:09 – Princess Leia CGI: Carrie Fisher reax
15:40 – Disney’s STAR WARS Land: AT-AT activity!


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