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H2O #8: Sequels We Want, Sequels We Got



Nowadays, sequels are the general rule. It seems every movie is the setup for another movie, or trilogy, or series, or whatever. But there was a time when not every movie automatically got a sequel. Nothing was guaranteed, and there were a few films that really truly need a sequel, but never got one.




So what stand-alone movies do you think deserve a sequel? What movies should never have gotten another look? Tell us in the comments.



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2 thoughts on “H2O #8: Sequels We Want, Sequels We Got

  • Should have gotten one but didn’t : Iron Giant (although I could be wrong on this one?)
    Shouldn’t have, for the love of God : X-Men anything. Seriously. Until you can wipe the slate clean, and do it right starting with the original five, just STOP.

    • That was on the list, but we ran long on time. Many have compared The Iron Giant to a Superman film, saying it has the same sensibilities. A sequel wouldn’t be hard to imagine.


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