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GRIMM Gets Fourth Season



Grimm has been granted time to continue the stories they’ve been developing this season. With the promise of a fourth season comes the likely hood of another cliffhanger to end this season. It’s almost become a Grimm thing, ending with a really good cliffhanger.

Grimm - Season 3

The Friday night spot seems to be working well for Grimm. It’s gaining in audience numbers and averaging 8 million total viewers each week. Last season the show got moved around the schedule some. This season they’ve held the same spot in the schedule and it’s building an audience. It also seems to be a good lead-in for the new mid season show Hannibal.


I expect that next year we’ll be introduced to more characters, not just more Wesen. Based on a conversation I had with the show creators, Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt, there will be more history related stories similar to the one last week. They expressed interest in telling historic stories with a Wesen connection. There have only been a few of these episodes, so I expect more of them in the fourth season. And I’m really hoping to get some actual pay off for the whole Royal storyline.

Grimm - Season 3

If you’ve enjoyed the stories and characters this is good news. If you’re just joining the series this is a good time to be joining. There’s a lot going on and the set up for next season should be suspenseful. I’m looking forward to covering the fourth season of Grimm.



Maia Ades

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