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ECHO CHAMBER: Discussing the STAR TREK Fan Film Guidelines


It’s official: Star Trek fan films now have rules guidelines. And while some fans are balking at the “draconian” measures set forth by CBS and Paramount, others recognize that it’s a new common starting point that gives all fan productions a level playing field.

Michael Hinman, editor-in-chief of 1701News, and Carlos Pedraza, editor of AxaMonitor, join our panel in an examination of the new fan film guidelines that have been announced in the wake of the lawsuit against Axanar. Will this have a chilling effect on fan films? Will it foster a new round of creativity and innovation?

The panel: Sonya Rodriguez, Ann Laabs, Kathryn Sanders, Dave Margosian, Jason Hunt, Carlos Pedraza from AxaMonitor.com, and guest Michael Hinman from 1701News.

Part I – H2O: In Which We Discuss the AXANAR Lawsuit and the Future of Fan Films
Part II – H2O: In Which We Discuss Copyright, Cosplay, and Cheerleaders
Part III: ECHO CHAMBER: Axanar, Cheerleaders, and Copyright: SciFi4Me & 1701News Team Up


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