ECHO CHAMBER: Axanar, Cheerleaders, and Copyright Part III: SciFi4Me & 1701News Team Up

Continuing our discussions of the Paramount/CBS vs. Axanar Productions, Star Athletica vs. Varsity Brands, and the take-down of X-Men: Danger Room Protocols.

Michael Hinman, editor-in-chief of 1701News, joins our panel in an examination of the Star Trek: Axanar production, how it’s become the focus of the copyright protection efforts on the part of Paramount Pictures and CBS Television. Is Alec Peters in the right? Is Axanar just a fan film? Is it a threat to Star Trek Beyond? Or is it more the fact that Peters & Company are building a commercial enterprise using the reputation of Star Trek?

Plus: if copyright law covers the design of a cheerleader uniform, what impact could that have on the cosplay community? Especially considering that some cosplayers are actually profiting (at least a little bit…) from their work/play in cosplay, will movie costumes fall under copyright protection? Will cosplayers take a hit?

PLUS: 1701News shares breaking news with us before you see it anywhere else.

The panel: Sonya Rodriguez, Dan Handley, Tim Harvey, Jason Hunt, and guest Michael Hinman from 1701News.

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