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BEING HUMAN UK Season 4 returns to BBC America this Saturday night and I must admit that I AM EXCITED. I’ve watched this genuinely original series since its inception and am greatly looking forward to learning where Creator and Writer Toby Whithouse plans to take the show after the departure of lead characters Mitchell and George and supporting character Nina.

Aidan Turner

It was bad enough last year when fans learned the sad news that dashing Aidan Turner (vampire Mitchell) was scampering off at the end of Season 3 to work with Peter Jackson in New Zealand (as a dwarf!) for the film THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. But not long afterward it was announced that the adorable Russell Tovey (werewolf George) would be leaving the regular cast of the show at the start of the fourth season to work full-time on his other BBC 3 show, HIM & HER. Then Sinead Keenan (George’s now-werewolf and pregnant girlfriend Nina) revealed that she would not be appearing in Season 4 at all. In the scifi/supernatural genre, it is entirely possible that characters who disappear or are killed off will someday return, but for those aware of these actors’ conflicting job commitments, watching Mitchell’s horrific demise and George and Annie’s distressed reaction to it at the end Season 3 was particularly hard. Those leaving the show (save for Tovey whom it is hoped will occasionally guest star) are never coming back.

Russell Tovey
Lenora Crichlow

While there’s no doubt that that each of these three cast members will be sorely missed, for my money it was Russell Tovey as George who is the true heart of this offbeat supernatural drama series, and is the character whose departure will be the toughest to take. At least the wonderful Lenora Crichlow is continuing as ghost Annie! She is being joined by one familiar face and one brand new one: Michael Socha as werewolf Tom, who was featured in Season 3 and has now been upgraded as a series regular, and Damien Moloney as the new vampire Hal. Socha did a terrific job in his recurring role last season, so there thankfully exists some sense of continuity with his return.

BEING HUMAN UK Season 4 Cast: Damien Moloney (Hal), Lenora Crichlow (Annie) and Michael Socha (Tom). Russell Tovey (George) is also featured seated on the right, but is expected to depart after S4 E01.

All that said, the departure of so many lead actors does give Whithouse and his writers a chance to make the most of the BEING HUMAN’s changing circumstances, and I can only hope that they take full advantage of it to go in some new and exciting directions. Season 4 started airing on February 5 in the UK, and the first non-spoilery buzz that I have read has all been about the huge changes, with noises about the show still being quite good; however, I am waiting to see for myself. So beginning this Saturday I will be watching and reviewing Season 4 and posting in my blog and here on

Lastly, a word about the American version of BEING HUMAN. Except for Meaghan Rath who plays ghost Sally, I was quite disappointed in the quality of the acting and in the production values of the remake. In fact, I stopped watching BH-USA after 3 episodes because I just couldn’t stand it, and I don’t intend to start again. So don’t expect comparisons of the two shows in my reviews, this is my one and only statement about it.

Some good video links:

Creator Toby Whithouse speaks about Series 4.
You can watch the BEING HUMAN UK “The Stakes are High” Season 4 trailer HERE.

[Editor’s Note: The US version is being covered by Dustin & Molly in “Reviews for Humans” on this site.]

4 thoughts on “BEING HUMAN UK: On Being Original

  • February 24, 2012 at 2:55 am

    Amen that! Whatever possessed them to make the American vampire a guy with plucked eyebrows, and fishlips that flounces around waving his hands. Couldn’t have been more different from the brooding, sexy Aidan Turner. I don’t think I made it through more than a few minutes the times I tried to watch.

  • February 24, 2012 at 7:34 am

    I am extremely bummed to hear that George is also leaving the show. I agree with you that he was the heart and soul of the show. I will miss all three who have left but I still like Annie a lot and will see where the show goes with the blank slate it has this coming season.

  • February 25, 2012 at 11:31 am

    I really liked the first season of the American version, and I tried getting into the BBC version. Watching the same show, with slight differences was boring, so I didn’t finish. But this season of the Syfy version has been very disappointing, but Dustin loves it….pffft.

    • February 25, 2012 at 7:52 pm

      Your first impressions were exactly like mine, only in the reverse! I loved the UK show because it came and I saw it first, and I couldn’t get into the later USA version since it paled by comparison. I have no idea where the UK show will go now that they have had so many cast changes imposed upon them, but will keep my fingers crossed that some of what I fell in love with 4 years ago will remain.


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