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CAPTAIN HARLOCK Disappoints Mr. Hatfield

September 22, 2014


– Joe Hatfield is a 48-year-old geek who has been around enough to know that Anime didn’t start with Robotech. Having watched (and enjoyed) the live action Space Battleship Yamato movie, I found myself looking forward to the recently released CGI Captain Harlock movie. Knowing that some liberties were taken regarding plot and characters for […]

FX: Putting the Walk in THE WALKING DEAD

October 17, 2012


An Interview With Stargate Studios CEO and VFX Guru Sam Nicholson [This post is a reprint of an article featured at The Credits, an online publication of the Motion Picture Association of America. Reprinted with permission.] October 17, 2012  By The Credits Stargate Studios CEO Sam Nicholson is a visual effects legend (VFX). A cinematographer […]

No Warp-Speed Neutrinos, Why Should I Care?

April 12, 2012


Guest Blog By Dr. Michael T. Gamble “Drivers license and proof of insurance, please,” is the way it often begins. Specular glints of sunlight carom from mirrored sunglasses. Busted for speeding, think it can’t happen to you? It supposedly happened to muon neutrinos, proceeding from Switzerland to Italy. In my Italian travels, speed-demons seemed to […]

Unraveling the Universe One God Particle at a Time

December 15, 2011


What is the God Particle and Why Should I Care? Dr. Michael T. Gamble [main image: the ATLAS experiment] So much sound and fury over the Higgs Boson, signifying what? A complete understanding of the fundamental constituents of the world in which we live? Of the universe of which we are an integral part? No […]

Time Lords in Texas!

October 13, 2011


Guest contributor Nathan May developed an interest in science fiction when he was introduced to Star Wars at age 4. At age 7, he saw his first episode of “Doctor Who” and he’s been fascinated by wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff ever since. Nathan is now 11, and lives in Richardson, Texas. He loves drawing, […]


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