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A SUPERNATURAL-ly Disappointing Mid-Season Finale


Episode 809 “Citizen Fang”

[photos: Jack Rowand/CW]


What. The hell. Was that.

I’m done with Benny. I’m done with the Winchesters squabbling like angsty teens. I’m beyond done with whatshername veterinarian. I just… no. You guys… no.

Citizen Fang

This episode was confusing, poorly edited, and suffered from extreme “Why Does One Character Not Explain A Key Plot Point To Another Character, It Would Solve Everything, But We Won’t Because We Need Artificial Tension Here” syndrome.

This season has had its ups and downs, and this was one of the biggest downs yet. What a hugely disappointing mid-season finale. I had increasingly high hopes for all this, especially considering how fun and awesome last episode was. After tonight, I’m starting to think that a lot of people are right, that it’s time to put Supernatural to bed. Or in a shallow grave.

Citizen Fang

I mean, crap on a cracker, when viewers can’t even tell what time of day a scene is supposed to be taking place, there’s a serious script or directing problem. Maybe both. I spent ten minutes trying to figure out how the timeline was working out, when Dean had two hours (which starting during the day) to resolve his little Benny issue, because it clearly looked like night to me when Benny had his “missed call” on his phone and was looking at the second body. It was DARK. Last time I checked, when it’s dark, and you’re outside, that means it’s NIGHT. Someone might want to inform the lighting director.

In checking out the feedback on IMDb, it seems I’m not alone. Viewers don’t like whatshername… I mean, Amelia the veterinarian. Viewers don’t understand why the brothers are STILL bitching at each other and treating each other like crap. Viewers felt the ending was extremely unsatisfying. Viewers are sick of Sam’s flashbacks. I agree on all points.

Citizen Fang

Why did Amelia warrant so much screen time over half the season? And now she’s in the “cliffhanger,” too? We have to suffer through yet more of Sam’s boring girlfriend angst storyline? Save us, God! Send us an angel to intervene!

Enter Castiel. Our prayers have been answered, at least as of next January, when he says to the Winchesters to put their crap aside. YES. PLEASE DO. We’re getting completely sick of it. It looks like they’re going to do something to Castiel, which I’m very nervous about, but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

If they break Castiel, however, there is no longer any reason to watch. If you’ll bring the salt, I’ll bring the lighter fluid and matches. But let’s see if it’s necessary first.

(P.S. – I’ve noticed that nearly every publicity photo from SPN involves people standing around talking to each other. Someone should probably ask the set photographer to try and catch a little of the action, since things actually do happen each week. Just saying.)


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One thought on “A SUPERNATURAL-ly Disappointing Mid-Season Finale

  • AMEN! As someone who just got into Supernatural this year… I mean I watched all 7 seasons in two months (completely unhealthy I know). Lately, i’ve been watching the episodes later, and I fast forward through all of Sams flashbacks. And you’re right if Misha Collins’ Castiel wasn’t around, I would probably not be watching. Jensen’s and Jared’s beauty wouldn’t be enough to keep me tuning in. I mean, i’m not even sure who this seasons villian is supposed to be…maybe i’ve forgotten. And inner metaphorical demons don’t count as a villian.


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