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Banner_ZombpocalypseNowWith The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead on break, it’s Zombpocalypse Now and The Wolves That Are Teens! That’s right, Messrs Harvey and Adair talk Teen Wolf!

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Season 6, Episode 9 “Memory Found”
Written by Mark H. Kruger & Antoinette Stella
Directed by Tim Andrew

Dustin: I can’t believe you cut out the bit about the action figures.

Timothy: I also cut out a bunch of “ums” and “errs” too. Don’t hear you complaining about that.

Dustin: Those make us sound goofy. The action figure bit wasn’t goofy. The action figure bit was awesome.

Timothy: The action figure bit was awesome, and covered the subject of buying a female action figure for your son and him discovering that women and girl heroes are amazing and awesome as well, specifically in regards to the Star Wars Universe, but also applicable to recognizing that heroes come in all genders.

Dustin: Exactly!

Timothy: It also had nothing to do with Teen Wolf, and we already digress all the bloody time. Plus there was a visual component that is completely wasted on our audience, because this is a podcast.

Dustin: I maintain my objection to your aural butchery.

Timothy: Noted. Now that that is out of the way, hey kids! Check out this podcast thing we did what deals with The Wolves That Are Teens!

[su_audio url=”http://www.podcasts.com/download/zombpocalypse-now-a79ac0f68/ZOMBPOCALYPSE-NOW-Its-A-Very-Special-TEEN-WOLF-Clip-Show-1546″]


Teen Wolf airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.


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