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There Will Be SUPERNATURAL Blood


Episode 722: “There Will Be Blood”

It’s coming down to the wire as we approach the season finale. Everything has been set into place for Richard (please, call him Dick) Roman’s evil leviathan plot to turn the human race into docile cattle for them to snack on. The fine details of how all this will unfold are still coming to light, however, as Sam and Dean Winchester continue to dig deeper.

Dean and Sam Winchester

Clearly, this threat needs to be defeated, but how? Now that the tablet has been translated and the Winchesters basically know what to do, they need the components for the spell. Three of the most important are the blood of a fallen angel, the blood of an alpha, and the blood of the king of lost souls.

Complicating things, Dick has purchased Sucrocorp, the top corporate supplier of corn syrup, which is in virtually every food on the grocery store shelves. Bread, soda, cereal and… pie. Poor Dean. First he has to give up his car, and now he has to trade in pie for fresh veggies? The indignities and sacrifices are adding up.

But how does corn syrup complicate things? It’s not just an ordinary food additive, Dick has tainted it, turning this ubiquitous substance into the very drug that will keep people so doped up that they’re lambs to the slaughter.

Dean and Sam Winchester talk to Crowley

Sam and Dean get the fallen angel blood easily enough from Castiel. Crowley will give his, but only after everything else is in place. He’s no fool, he realizes how dangerous it would be for his personal safety if a bottle of his blood were to fall into the wrong hands. That leaves the alpha.

Turns out, they’re not all dead. The head vampire allows them to talk to him, then locks them in the study when Edgar the leviathan arrives. The leviathans had seemingly teamed up with the vampires as a win/win agreement: Everybody gets lunch.

Dean and Sam Winchester captured by the alpha vampire

What the Winchesters discovered, however, was that the tainted corn syrup made human blood poisonous to everyone but the leviathans. The alpha vampire is less than pleased to learn of this and, when the arrogant Edgar admits to it, an uneasy and temporary alliance is forged between the vampires and the Winchesters. Edgar loses his head over it. Literally. The alpha’s blood is given willingly to help stop the threat.

Just a few more pieces needed and the ritual can begin.

Alpha Vampire

Line of the week: I’m sure this was an extra line that was filmed in advance and then cut in when they got the official thumbs up for the next season of Supernatural, and it was brilliant to do so. The alpha vampire looks over at the Winchesters and says, with a little amused look, “See you next season.”



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