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Dustin and Molly continue to watch The Vampire Diaries as part of Reviews for Humans (which you can catch at YouTube).

Episode 319 “Heart of Darkness”

DELENA DELENA DELENA – That is all we need to say about this week’s episode, but if you want to know more, watch this recap!!



Episode 320 “Do Not Go Gentle”

So last week was all about Delena, and this week they went for a Stelena revival. Did it work? Oh! and something happened to Alaric. Molly and Dustin were a little morose about episode 320.



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Molly Montgomery

Molly Montgomery was introduced to genre film by her dad as a kid -- if it was "Forbidden Planet" or Tod Browning's "Freaks", she can't remember which was first. She began her love affair with Vampires at age 11, and at age 12 she stopped sunbathing. A background in theater, filmmaking and sitting on her tush makes her a fairly knowledgeable nerd.

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