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Season 1, Episode 10: “And the Loom of Fate”


In this last episode of the season, we resolve the mystery of Jenkins’ true identity and the Librarians, with Flynn Carsen’s help, manage to visit three alternate timelines and re-write a little history along the way.


Flynn is back with a plan to find the Library. All it will take is a reality-altering guide linked with a dimensional shifting device and some sort of software that interfaces with magic, then power it up with a pyramid. No problem.  Queue the Librus Tabula (the reality-altering storybook), the Tesla Dimensional Stabilizer, and the magic app from Morgan La Fey, and voila!

Also on hand is the “Chekhov’s gun” of the episode: the ball of string from the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, which Jenkins assures them that they won’t need. Sure, Jenkins.


They hook up the necessary components in the pyramid and Eve begins to tell the story for the book to open a path to “the place they had lost.” Flynn realizes (too late, of course) that he’s been played by Dulaque, who waltzes in to use the portal to access the Library, Lamia at his side. Dulaque claims himself as “the hero who will set the world right,” and he needs a blood sacrifice to make the spell work. To everyone’s surprise, he pulls out a sword and stabs Lamia, then he steps through the portal, followed by Baird and Flynn before it closes. Dulaque, also known as Lancelot du Lac, plans to sever the fabric in the loom of fate.  His goal is to erase all history back to Camelot’s prime, thus preventing its fall, and as a consequence, all subsequent history will be erased in the wake.


They fail to stop him and as he rips the fabric in the loom, Eve and Flynn find themselves instantly transported to another place: a foreign archeological dig site, right at the wrong end of a terrorist’s rifle. Baird is troubled to find that Flynn does not recognize her, and that he is now a risk-averse, annoying, and somewhat cowardly professor in charge of a dig. Unfortunately, the dig is near a border dispute and they are now taken as prisoners. Enter Jacob to the rescue, with some fancy ninja-like moves. In this altered reality, he’s The Librarian, and clearly thinks that he and Eve have a thing between them. He plants a big smacker on her lips, to her great surprise and shock. According to Jacob, she’s supposed to be dead, having died in this reality from a stab wound from Dulaque before he took over the Library.

Eve [after the kiss]: “NOPE!”  [walks away quickly] “Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope!”

At the dig site, they find a resonance teleportal, and Jacob sends them on to another reality where an older Ezekiel is The Librarian, dressed in a lab coat and surrounded by high-tech equipment. After hearing their story, he theorizes that they are moving sideways to parallel universes, and explains that in this reality, Eve was like a mother to him until her death, when Dulaque stabbed her before he took over the Library. (I sense a trend here.)


Ezekiel Librarian has a ghost problem. Seems that when they got rid of Katie, the serial killer from the mystery house in “The Heart of Darkness,” they didn’t do it quite right: she made a last wish to release all of the ghosts into the world, who can turn anyone else into the walking dead just by a touch. It’s just his team left in the world among all of the “Deadites,” as he calls them. Just when they think that “Team Jones” will be overrun by the zombie apocalypse, Flynn creates a makeshift machine out of some misunderstood mathematics, which reverses the Deadites back into their regular human selves. Flynn and Baird are transported again.

Ezekiel: “You arrived just in time — just like it was fate.”

They are met in the next reality by the strong smell of sulfur. Looking up to the sky, they find the source: dragons. Before Eve and Flynn can make any sense of this new location, they are darted, tazed, and taken to “the boss” by Lamia and two very large minions. Lamia comments that Eve Baird is supposed to be dead in this reality, too. When they reach the castle, we find that it is not Dulaque in charge, but Cassandra, whom the locals seem to almost worship after she saved them from the dragons.  Lamia is her Guardian, having taken Eve’s place after her demise at the hands of Dulaque. Lamia explains that Dulaque was killed after he took Eve’s life, and Excalibur healed Cassandra, altering her brain and marking her as the chosen one.  Cassandra doesn’t recognize Flynn, and knows that this Eve is not “her Eve.” On the mention of timelines, Cassandra remembers a warning from Morgan la Fey.


Cassandra understands the problem:  when Dulaque cut the fabric, he didn’t reweave the future.  As a result, history will continue to fray from the rip until all of time is undone. Flynn theorizes that they can repair the fabric with an ancient thread—something charged with dimensional power and tied as closely as possible to the original Greek myth. Baird knows just the thing (remember that string I mentioned?) and she leads them to the Annex, but it is not the same. Jenkins is missing and so is the thread — it’s not her Annex; rather, it’s the Annex of this timeline.

To get Eve back to her own timeline, Cassandra uses the “mathemagics” from her reality and pulls Ezekiel and Jacob from their worlds into hers and tells them to concentrate, which takes them to Eve’s version of the Annex. Eve and Flynn bid farewell to the three alternate universe Librarians and walk through the portal with the string to fix the loom of fate.

Cassandra: Quiet! I’m doing math.

Expecting a much older Dulaque, they are surprised to be ambushed by a young and strong Dulaque, played by Rebecca Romijn’s real-life husband, Jerry O’Connell.


Dulaque: “… a lovely side effect of rewinding history.”

He stabs Eve and proceeds to fight Flynn. Just as he is about to win, he admits that there is only one swordsman who could possibly best him….yup, you guessed it: Galahad.

Enter Jenkins (a.k.a. Galahad–haven’t you been paying attention?), with a sword, who holds Dulaque off while Flynn re-threads the loom with the Minotaur’s thread.

As time is repaired, Dulaque disappears and Flynn is restored to his true self. He has an idea to help Eve he and Jenkins take her back to the Annex, and he uses blood from her wound as a sacrifice to open the portal to the real Library. The team stays with Baird as he searches through the Library and returns with an elixir to heal her.

Eve: “But I was supposed to die.”

Flynn: “I don’t believe in fate.”


Each Librarian receives their very own small version of the Clipping book in a rather brief and unceremonious graduation of sorts, and they are encouraged to go out into the world and do good Librarian deeds. Cassandra’s book tells her to go to Lima, Peru, and Jacob and Ezekiel decide to join in her adventure.


For Eve, there are still some unanswered questions.  She asks Jenkins to explain why she was the only one who was not changed by the various timelines. He suggests that the Santa affair prepared her for that, when she was split into all places at the same instant.  Eve suspects that Jenkins orchestrated all of this; however (with a smug look on his face), he reminds her that it was the Clipping book that sent them on all of the adventures, yielding the artifacts they needed: as if it were fate (there’s that word again). Eve is not that gullible. She argues that while all of the artifacts were gathered at the direction of the Clipping book, it was Jenkins who sent them to get Santa. He gives her a knowing smile and, seeming rather pleased with himself, tells her that it was only a coincidence.

At the end of our story, and our season, Eve and Flynn go off on a date (i.e., an adventure), to parts unknown.

The season wrapped up in one neat package, using the assorted stories and their artifacts to thwart the bad guys, rescue the Library, and build a new team. There are a few story lines that they could pick up for season 2, if they get the go-ahead. The show’s producer, Dean Devlin, is urging fans to provide TNT with support for a continuation of the show.

Thanks, fans, for tweeting along this season! Brush up on your Dewey Decimal System: we may get to enjoy another season of The Librarians if the fan campaign is successful.


3 thoughts on “THE LIBRARIANS Pick Up the Loose Ends

  • January 31, 2015 at 6:17 am

    #LibrariansS2 is what i am looking forward too.. First season was great! Second season will be even better.. Love having Christian Kane on this show! I can’t wait to hear more about #Stone and where the show will take the L.I.T.’s next!! thanks for sharing!

  • February 1, 2015 at 5:01 am

    I’d say the ultimate Chekhov’s gun was the healing potion. That was shown and proclaimed to be capable of healing any wound from a non-Excalibur blade in the very first episode!

    • February 2, 2015 at 11:39 am

      Yes, that was a nice touch.
      So… with Jenkins as Galahad, Dulaque as Lancelot… we’ve seen Morgan Le Fay. Place your bets on Judson and Charlene.


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