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THE LIBRARIANS Approved for Season 3


The Librarians will return for a third season, to the delight of avid fans.  The TNT series, based on the movie franchise of The Librarian, took little time to transition fans to a new cast, starring Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Kim, and John Larroquette.  Executive producer Noah Wyle makes occasional appearances as Flynn Carsen, the leading role from the three made-for-TV movies from which the series was created.

Season 1 saw the characters exploring the reality of magic and their roles in keeping the world safe from its existence, and battling villains who would misuse it for their own gain.  Season 2 has explored the characters’ backgrounds and brought forth personal growth.  Each episode has also been a step on the characters’ collective journey to trust each other and work as a team.  The writers seem to pack each episode with plenty of humor, action, book smarts, and some downright touchy-feely stuff, too.

What’s in store for Season 3?  10 new episodes starting the the fall of 2016, but no mention yet about the season’s story arc.  The series is known for it quirky antics, guest stars, and references to literature and mythology, so it’s likely we’ll see more of the same with a whole new cast of villains.

The program films in the Portland, OR area.  The finale for Season 2 will air Sunday, December 27th on TNT.


3 thoughts on “THE LIBRARIANS Approved for Season 3

  • I am one of those avid fans and totally delighted with the season 3 renewal news for The Librarians.. Thanks for sharing!

  • The characters are great but Flynn not being the main still gets at me. Still looking forward to season 3 hope to see more Noah.

    • I felt that way when the series launched, but quickly began to understand the direction that they were going with this. I’ve seen comments on some of the recaps that suggest Flynn isn’t everyone’s favorite anymore. Now that Flynn has embraced the changes at the Library and is settling down, perhaps we’ll see an integrated story among all of the Librarians, mixed teams, etc., and hopefully a stronger development of Flynn’s character in the series (versus the movies).


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