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SUPERNATURAL: Here’s Dean-y!


Episode 10.3 “Soul Survivor”

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Finally! This episode gave me something I can really sink my teeth into: the plot setup I’ve been waiting for, the characters I’ve been waiting to see. Not only was it a great episode, but it’s more than worth mentioning that Jensen Ackles also sat in the director’s chair. I think it was the perfect episode for him to prove that his skills go far beyond just acting.

This episode took place almost completely in the bunker, with Sam working to cure Dean of this demon problem he’s been having. Using the same method of pumping Dean full of righteous blood that the younger Winchester had used on Crowley the night the angels fell, Sam had to deal with angry Dean rather than the weepy mess that came from Crowley. At the same time, Cas and Hannah were on their way to the bunker to help Sam with the feisty demon Winchester. As it seems Cas is a bit of a trouble magnet recently, he hit some bumps along the way. Near dead and in a lot of trouble, Cas gets a hand from none other than the King of Hell, here to save the day for what might be the very first time. Even with all the drama in Hell somehow the very busy king still finds time to take care of Dean, breakup or not, and help out the Winchesters. Cas finally reaches the bunker to save Sam in the nick of time after Dean finds a way out of control. And Dean’s two closest friends are seemingly able to cure him. Packed with emotion and story, ending with a rather ominous view of what could be our next kick-butt antagonist, this episode was a winner. Let’s delve deeper on just why it was so great.

We know how dearly the Winchesters care about each other after ten seasons. Even if they’ve had their share of fights, the family always comes through for each other. The two Winchesters seem to have a pattern that I’ve picked up on in my time watching. Sam and Dean take turns being the “big boy”. Sometimes one of them is pouty and unreasonable and needs the other to step up his game into order for the family to make it through. This season is Sammy’s turn to save Dean. It’s a positive opposite to the last time when Dean needed his brother, and Sam decided to run away with a girl and dog until Dean crawled his way back out of purgatory.

Soul Survivor

Sam has done a lot this season for Dean. Calling for Cas, knowing that he is part of the family and curing Dean wouldn’t be possible without him, doing anything and everything he can to find and help Dean. Sam curing Dean and dealing with his brother’s awful words, but still being willing to go for a junk food run at the end of it all, really give the greatest examples of how Sam is doing his best to be there for his older brother when he most needs it.

Dean was not very nice this episode. I’m not totally sure I believe that Dean isn’t just faking it. However, if he is, then at least he’s picked his side. That’s almost more important than a cure. I really do hope that he is cured. I don’t feel like the writer’s actually knew what to do with a demon Dean. Perhaps it was a good idea to start with, but by this point the writers backed themselves into a corner. When they started with demon Dean lots of fans were excited but when they realized there was only so much they could do without losing him completely there had to be some quick action made to get the character out of the situation. They dodged out with the plot piece before it was too late to save our Dean with this episode.

Crowley might have been my favorite thing this episode. Sitting on his throne being a moody baby about his breakup with Dean is absolutely precious. He’s in for it big time this season, and I’d really like to see him going to the Winchesters for help. Going to help  as an equal or a friend for help rather than to hurt or just going because it’s convenient for him. It’s nice to see a side of Crowley that’s helping the Winchesters because he wants to see the boys be okay, rather than just for his own benefit. Not to mention how funny I find that he helped Cas out. Dean Winchesters ex-boyfriend saving his current one. At least in my dreams it’s true.

Castiel can always find a way to save the day. He tries so hard, and he has since he first showed up. The way he and Hannah would have sacrificed themselves for each other was touching to me. Cas always is looking out for his family. I think it’s because he feels bad for all the not-so-great things he’s done in the past. Misha Collins does such a fantastic job with this character; he’s really made him his own and knows just what to do to make me cry for my angel baby.

Soul Survivor

I feel like its going to be very important to the healing for Dean that Cas is present. Although Dean has always drawn a lot of strength from Sam, Dean is just as close to Castiel by now. We’ve seen it plenty of times. The times Dean and Cas have connected are there for sure. Between Sam and Cas I think that Dean has a chance to beat this mark without many more mishaps.

I also like how they’ve fleshed out our supporting characters. With Garth out (and maybe Charlie) we need more lovely characters to run around with the Winchesters. Crowley and Hannah fit excellently into place for our boys. Having an angel at full strength will be helpful. And Crowley will be a hoot. Hopefully the character will be fleshed out even further this season and we can get to know him, and get to see his relationship with our boys develop even more.

I really liked the introduction we were given to Rowena as well. Dead people on the ceiling is a theme in Supernatural, and what better way to introduce a new villain than with more corpses stuck to the ceiling? It’s always a fun experience in this show to get to know a new villain and why they happen to hate the Winchesters. She looks like the perfect kind of handful to throw into the mix at this point.

Soul Survivor

Seems almost hard for me to believe it is only three episodes in to the season. Feels like much more has happened in a short span of time and it makes me question what is coming with things moving so quickly. All we can do is watch and wait.

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