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It’s a STRANGER THINGS Christmas, Charlie Brown


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If you’re one of the many people that fell into the hole of Stranger Things on Netflix, you’ll know that it thrived on ’80s nostalgia. The series — riffing off Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, and Stephen King — was an homage to all things from that era, while still being a delightfully dark thing on its own.

If you grew up in the ’80s, you also had a regular tradition of watching the Charlie Brown cartoons on holidays: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown for Halloween, and A Charlie Brown Christmas for that holiday.

YouTuber OnlyLeigh, known best for her Fangirls series of videos as well as her other geeky videos (watch “Five Stages of Watching a Marvel Movie” if you haven’t already), has reacted to the Netflix series as only a fangirl should — by doing a mashup of Stranger Things and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

“A Stranger Things Christmas” has all the Stranger Things characters in the Peanuts style, with Will (in the Charlie Brown role) talking about returning from the Upside Down in true Charlie Brown style, with Dustin taking on Linus’s role. The video is a humorous mix of what makes both series work, and I won’t ruin it by telling you of any of the other parallels. Let’s just say, like Stranger Things itself, that not everything is what it seems.

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Angie Fiedler Sutton

Angie Fiedler Sutton is a writer, photographer, and all-round fangirl geek. She currently lives in Los Angeles, and primarily covers geek culture, entertainment, and the performing arts. She's been published in Den of Geek, Stage Directions, LA Weekly, The Mary Sue, and others. You can see more of her work (and her social media connections) over at her website

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