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Challenge #5: “Baby Steam”

This week, the teams are tasked with making the baby’s room. And some of the makers take it to heart and act like babies along the way.

Steampunkd Cast wk 05


Challenge 5: Nursery

Airship Design
Functional Toys
Functional Mobile

TEAM MORGAN: Morgan, Eddie, J.W.
TEAM CHARLES: Charles, Karianne, Ave

Special Guest Judge: HGTV host Sabrina Soto

Remember, folks: “Oops” is not something you want to hear in the middle of a presentation to judges…



JASON: So, this week, we finally get to the nursery, something we were expecting several weeks ago. Morgan’s very excited about it. And she picks J.W. and Eddie for her team, while Charles goes with Ave and Karianne. As predicted here two weeks ago.

SONYA: Yes, after a while and a week off, we finally get the nursery.  You called it again, Jason, with the teams.  Morgan got her choice of rooms which turned out to be the either a blue or pink nursery room.  I really wanted Morgan to pick the pink room, but alas she picked the blue room.  I’m guessing they went with the tradition blue is for boys and pink is for girls?

Morgan probably figured it’s easier to design for boys. Since she was working with two boys with tempers and egos…


It was funny how that turned out.  Her story at the end was just precious, not to give too much away.  As a mother of boys, I felt Morgan’s pain as she dealt with these two strong personalities.

And of course, J.W. has to steamroll his way through the work, making sure to really push for “his” design to dominate the room. Fortunately, the others on the team are pretty strong personalities, too, and that quickly fizzled. J.W. has shown he can be a team player, but his dynamic with Eddie was just oil and water this time.

It was fun to see Morgan cut J.W. off when he stated he wanted to do the mobile.  It paid off, too.  Eddie’s mobile was so cool it made me forget that J.W. ever wanted or had an idea for the mobile. I agree with you, they were very much oil and water, but they were so focused on their own projects they finally just got to work.  Well, after Eddie blew off some steam.  I was wrong, again, he wasn’t reshaping a locker.

No, he wasn’t. But I admire Eddie’s ability to get anything done after that. I’m sure he put his hand in some ice before getting back to work. And yes, Eddie’s mobile was probably the best element in either design, with Charles’ airship coming in a close second.

I agree.  The disappointing element was Karianne’s air balloon mobile.


Her lack of focus this week is what did them in. Charles picked his team based on emotional factors and didn’t have the strongest crafters, and that combined with Karianne’s state of mind to really knock them back.

That and the fact that none of Ave’s mechanisms worked.  She seemed to be trying to get this stuff to work, but it just didn’t.  I don’t know if it was because she ran out of time or she didn’t have the ingenuity to think of another way to make the stuff work, but it just didn’t.

I think it was a combination of trying to cover for Karianne and running out of time. Plus, I think she tried to craft too many of them. When she realized they weren’t working, she should have picked one or two and made sure she had at least that much working. Better to have one at 90% than five at 20%.

Do you really think she was trying to cover for Karianne?  I mean, she walked over, took light bulbs out and put tissue paper in to make the “balloon” part seem like a balloon.  It was a patch.

It was, but remember these three have worked together throughout most of the show, so I think the concern Charles and Ave had was genuine — both as it related to the project and to Karianne’s emotional state.

What does them working together have to do with her covering for Karianne? You said it was a combination.  Ave simply patched up a sorry job at Charles request.  I don’t think it contributed to her mechanisms not working.  It probably took her all of 30 minutes to do that patch up job.  I do agree she had too many mechanisms.  I agree with the whole 90%/20% thing.


I think Karianne’s absence was considerable during the second day, and Ave’s patch job on the mobile was a last-minute thing, certainly.

Yes, her absence was considerable.  I don’t think that Ave spent too much time worrying about that air balloon until Charles pointed it out to her, and asked her to “fix it”.  I don’t think her patch job contributed to her running out of time, her mechanism not working, nor her lack of ingenuity. 30 minutes isn’t going to make or break you at this stage of the competition.

Her designs probably would have worked if she’d had more time to execute. But she also should have started on them on day one, and left the costumes for later in the process. At that, Karianne could have concentrated on the costumes once she came back from her “break”.

Yes. Miss Morgan’s costumes were what I’ve come to expect from her work.  Simply adorable.  The steampunked walker and car were very cute, even though one of the judges didn’t seem to impressed with them.


That, and the fact that the design — while better crafted than the one Team Charles had — became the “baby deathtrap”. But it was still a better room, and that speaks to J.W. and Eddie doing the bulk of the design work there.

LOL  “baby deathtrap” is right, but they do know that a real baby is not going to occupy this room.  It’s a showroom for crying out loud.

Right, but it goes toward the “functionality” aspect of the judging criteria.

Oh right, because a gun in a lair is very functional in the other room?  LOL

Of course it is. How else do you defend yourself from the henchmen of your arch-nemesis?


Well, how is the baby suppose to call for its mother?  LOL  I think we are splitting hairs here…LOL  I liked the blue/boy room and it was the big winner tonight.  Miss Morgan wins again. Charles picked the wrong team, too much drama, not enough work ethic.

Something Morgan pointed out during team selection. She’s right to say that no matter what the personal issues may be, Eddie and J.W. have skills.

Has Eddie disappointed?  I can’t remember an episode where he has NOT come thru for the team.

Eddie’s been solid from the first week. Even doing stuff he’s never done before, such as sewing…

Hm, I think he might be my pick for the big winner, but I don’t want to jinx the guy.  I’m always wrong. LOL

Well, I’ve said it’s going to come down to J.W. and Eddie for the final two. In fact, remember my prediction last episode:

Unless something crazy happens… I’m going to say Karienne and Ave will be the bottom two.

I have a feeling Charles will be the same kind of leader James was. Karianne goes home next, then Charles, then Ave or Morgan, then it’s a toss-up between Eddie and J.W. for the win.

 And Karianne went home.

Oh, leave room for Miss Morgan….she might shock us. Eddie’s a solid choice to bet on.  Yes, Jason, you’re always right about this show. You’re good at the predictions.

Well, I’m going to hold off this week. I’m content with my picks from last time. Next week, we get teams led by Eddie and J.W.

Yes, top maker Eddie!  What did he get again?  I already forgot.  Hey, are those the team captains from the first show? J.W. didn’t seem too happy to be named 2nd place maker.  Did you notice that?

They’re called littleBits — electronics.  http://littlebits.cc/  — he got $5000 worth of the stuff.

Yes!  He made the comment that he loved working with those things.  I’m glad he won them.  It was well deserved.

I think J.W. isn’t too happy any time he doesn’t get his way. He really is a brat. But I think a lot of that comes from his time as a contractor. He’s used to being in charge.

Yeah, he reminds me of someone.

No idea what you’re talking about…

What?  I was speaking of a 10 year old asleep in the next room.  Touchy, touchy. LOL  So next week, I see Eddie choosing Morgan.  There’s an odd man out this time, probably Ave.

Hard to tell where she’ll land. Eddie’s worked with her before, but she and Morgan don’t get along. So she’ll likely end up on J.W.’s team with Charles. And yes, Eddie and J.W. were the first week’s captains.

I guess we shall see. Until next time?




Jason P. Hunt

Jason P. Hunt (founder/EIC) is the author of the sci-fi novella "The Hero At the End Of His Rope". His short film "Species Felis Dominarus" was a finalist in the Sci Fi Channel's 2007 Exposure competition.

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