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STAR WARS Ep VII Concept Art Leaked Online


The latest salacious crumbs about Star Wars: Episode VII come in the form of a sizable collection of concept art that have appeared on ImageShack. These pictures, uploaded by someone called “millenniumfalcon”, seem to match what we’ve been hearing about the rumored plot for the film.

We’ll pause for a moment as you decide whether or not to continue past the filler images to get details.





Still with us? OK.

Early in the production, we heard that someone would be using a ruined AT-AT walker as a base, and images from Abu Dhabi seemed to support that. The concept art also shows an AT-AT being used as a base in the desert (Tatooine?), along with art that lends credence to the rumor that Daisy Ridley’s character could be working for a salvage operation. And there’s also art for a character being called “Montross”, which looks very much like the description of Max von Sydow’s character that surfaced a few weeks ago — a cyborg running the salvage yard.

There is also art that matches the drone photos of some kind of underground hangar, something these images are calling “Greenwood” — different from the Massassi Temple hangar, which has its own concept art along with comparison plans between the current production and the set used in Star Wars.

Also: it appears the rumor of Endor’s inclusion in the film could also be accurate, as we have images of a “Grave Robber” holding Darth Vader’s burned-out helmet. Could this be one of the inciting events that kick off the story?


You’ve been warned…


Jason P. Hunt

Jason P. Hunt (founder/EIC) is the author of the sci-fi novella "The Hero At the End Of His Rope". His short film "Species Felis Dominarus" was a finalist in the Sci Fi Channel's 2007 Exposure competition.

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