SLEEPY HOLLOW: (L-R) Jerry MacKinnon, Rachel Melvin, Seychelle Gabriel, Janina Gavankar and Lyndie Greenwood in the "Tomorrow" episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW airing Friday, March 24 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Tina Rowden/FOX
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SLEEPY HOLLOW Visits the Future

Season 4, Episode 12 “Tomorrow”
Written by Albert Kim
Directed by Marc Roskin

We get to see a brief glimpse of the future that Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies) is planning. The odd thing about it is that this is a show I would watch! Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) is part of the resistance, Molly (Oona Yaffe) is on the wrong side, and Crane (Tom Mison) is in irons. Dreyfuss uses his horsemen to control the populace. All it needs are a few zombies to be truly post-apocalyptic.

Molly (Seychelle Gabriel) sees her mother’s face under the horseman’s armor. She was told that her mother was dead and after her death, Molly was raised by Dreyfuss. Seeing her mom’s face and realizing that she’d been lied to was her motivation to rebel. After a visit to a chained Crane, she goes back in the past to save her mom. Unfortunately, the rescue results in Crane becoming the horseman of war, as we saw in the last episode.

Dreyfuss still needs to charge the horseman of war’s weapon so he raises an army of dead soldiers. (Yes! Here are the zombies!) It’s up to Jenny, Jake (Jerry MacKinnon) and Alex (Rachel Melvin) to face down the zombies while Molly/Lara and Diana (Janina Gavankar) try to free Crane from his bondage.

Because Dreyfuss has his coffins of horsemen ten miles away from Camp David, and the president is going there, the gang thinks that the president is being targeted. This goes along with Dreyfuss’s visions of the future with his tea parties in front of the white house.

Sometime during this the dagger that can penetrate the horseman’s armor is placed next to the spider goo that trapped Crane in a previous episode. The combination produces Henry! Henry (John Noble) comes back from the dead. Again. He says that he is the product of Ichabod Crane’s best memories of him. I consider this for half a second but then I realize that he is literally made of the horseman’s blood and spider spit! No way he’s going to be good!

Molly reaches Crane in his palace of the mind and he remembers that he is a Witness. This is actually a good scene, and his inner sanctum is also nicely designed.

Alex, Jake and Jenny take care of the first wave of zombie soldiers quite readily. Unfortunately, they seem to be endless. A lot of soldiers must have drowned there.

(Tina Rowden/FOX)

Crane feels that he can hold on to being a horseman and retain control of his power long enough to accomplish one last mission, so he rides out into the zombie soldiers and kills um, destroys them all.

Crane is back to himself so Dreyfuss is short two horseman, since Headless is not up to snuff yet. But there is a twist: Henry seeks out Dreyfuss and offers himself. Dreyfuss appears to be totally surprised by this and doesn’t know who he is, so it is unlikely that he has anything to do with his resurrection. I suppose it’s possible that Henry is trying to be a double agent, but given the way that being a horseman takes over your mind, I can’t see how that would work. However, since he is something that Dreyfuss didn’t see in his visions, he could still be the catalyst that saves them from the Dreyfuss apocalypse, regardless of which side he is on.

This was not a terrible ep. As I said, I would enjoy a show about the post-apocalyptic future. I liked seeing how and why Lara/Molly came back. But why did they have to resurrect Henry? I love John Noble as an actor, but haven’t they resolved that story line? What could possibly happen between father and son that we haven’t seen already?

The bad penny turns up again. (Tina Rowden/FOX)

I’m not at all sure about Crane being able to hold on to himself and be the horseman at the same time. One moment it’s all consuming and the next you’re on top of it? On the other hand, they might be trying to establish a precedence for next week’s ep.

Jenny needs to stock up on more inventory. More than once they’ve had the right weapon to kill the monster, but not enough bullets or fire or whatever. It’s silly for the problem to be lack of resources every time.

Whether or not Jenny wants to go treasure hunting doesn’t seem very important when faced with the four horsemen roaming the earth and Dreyfuss reshaping the country into the way he wants it. We do know that she is fighting against Dreyfuss in the future, so she will only get to leave D.C. if they win.

Next week is the season finale, and perhaps the series finale. Alex and Jake are going to have to step it up if they want any romance to happen. Our team will have to work hard to defeat the horsemen in one episode.


Sleepy Hollow airs on Friday nights at 9pm/8c.

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