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SENSE8 Lives For Two More Hours

Fans rejoice! Netflix has come to their Sense8!

The show announced on Twitter today that Netflix has agreed to a two-hour finale to be aired later this year.

Co-creator Lana Wachowski added a letter attached to the tweet, stating:

The outpouring of love and grief that came in the wake of the news that Sense8 would not be continuing was so intense, that I often found myself unable to open my own email. I confess I fell into a fairly serious depression. I had never worked so hard, or put so much of myself into a project as I had with Sense8 and it’s cancellation hollowed me out….It is with my great pleasure as well as Netflix’s…to announce that there will be another two hour special released next year. After that…if this experience has taught me anything, you NEVER know.

Netflix also announced on Twitter, showing a video shows the characters from the show together, singing “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes. Halfway through the video, the following words appear: “It’s happening. Two-hour finale episode. Tell your cluster.”

The show, which follows eight strangers who find themselves interconnected despite their various locations around the world, was created by Wachowski, her sister, Lilly, and J. Michael Straczynski. On June 1, it was cancelled by Netflix shortly after the May 5 release of season two.

After news broke of its end, fans, including the support of star Brian J. Smith, launched a petition. The #RenewSense8 movement picked up enough steam that Netflix had to confirm the series was still cancelled the following week.

However, it appears that Netflix cares about what their audience wants. Even though they are not offering a full renewing of the series, fans will at least have some closure with the additional two hours.

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