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Recap: SciFi4Chicks Talks a Whopper of an iZOMBIE Podcast

Episode 213 “The Whopper”
Written by Rob Thomas
Story by Deirdre Mangan and Graham Norris

Lies! All lies I tell you! What do you expect when you eat the brain of a notorious liar? It seems, though, that Liv’s transformation into her victims is not going unnoticed! (Yea Clive!) And while her visions don’t necessarily lead to a resolution to the crime, they do open a new can of worms, at least as far as her personal life is concerned. Meanwhile, Major and Blaine come to a new understanding that could make waves with VDC. Blaine has even more issues to deal with as he battles old demons in the form of Frau Bader, the women his father hired to take care of him as a child, and we say “take care of” in the broadest terms! Meanwhile, Ravi feels the pressure to find a true cure as hope fades away, at least until the musical finale!

The panel: Heather French, Dorin Schadel.

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Dorin and Heather return to the microphone to discuss the episode “The Whopper.” How will Liv’s vision of Drake affect their budding relationship? Will Blaine and Major form an anti-bromance? Can Blaine triumph over Frau Baddie? Do they have “One More Day” to find a cure? And does bacon really make everything taste better? (because that brain burger looked good!)

Tune in for the latest installment of SciFi4Chicks and hear Heather and Dorin’s opinions about the plot thickening, stories intertwining, relationships breaking apart and coming together. As a BONUS, stick around at the end for a special “The Drinking Dead,” a segment with Heather and Dorin talking about the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead because, well, they just HAD to say SOMETHING! (Don’t forget to check out what Team Zombie thought, then let us know who you agree with!)

So many questions, so little time! What did you think of lucky episode thirteen? Join the discussion in the comments or on Twitter! Let us know your favorite part: Liv and Drake, Drake and Boss, Major and Blaine, old Blaine and his father, or maybe it’s the thought of the iZombie cast hitting Broadway in Les Miserable! (We still want to know what recipes YOU want to see in our iZombie cookbook using #iZombieCookbook!) Finally, rate the episode on our iZombie Hotness Scale.

Dorin and Heather return next week for episode 213 “The Whopper” on iZombie, so make sure to subscribe to SciFi4Chicks!

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