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SciFi4Chicks: Black Widow and the Challenge of the Female Hero

In this episode, the Chicks discuss Black Widow and the possibility that she might finally get her own solo movie from Marvel. What would that mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? But more importantly, what would it mean for fans? Especially women and girls who would like to have some role models of their own? What would it mean to have a female lead character who’s not defined by her relationships to the men in the group? And what went wrong with Black Widow’s presentation in Avengers: Age of Ultron that might have set her back a bit?

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The discussion ranges from when (or if?) the solo movie would happen, and whether it might or might not be a better fit for Netflix. What about recasting younger for a prequel series? We also discuss the action figures, the toys — or lack thereof — and if the industry is ever going to really understand that the audience is 51% female…

The panel: Allison Isberg, Ann Laabs, Sonya Rodriguez, Jennifer Wise, Lauren Garrison, Kiri Evins


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