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SciFi4Chicks and the One True Hero

What DOES make a hero? Not necessarily what we stereo-typically think. (Haven’t watched? Well, be ready to be spoiled as to who it is!)

The Quest, ABC’s reality-fantasy show, ended its first season with battles, banshees, villains, and the “One True Hero.” And I believe it made it’s mark in distinguishing itself from other reality-genre shows. My guest host, Brooke Summerlin agrees. Having been a student of Tolkien and the mono-myth, among other aspects of fantasy, Brooke really brings some great insight to a show that could easily, but really shouldn’t, be dismissed as summer reality fare. (We need to get her back on future shows!)

At the start with its 12 paladins seeking to be the “One True Hero,” this is a show that could have easily dropped to the depths of summer-filler schlock show. But with each episode, the paladins (I hate to call them “contestants”) seemed to buy into the fantasy premise all the more, making it seem that much more real to them. That made the show more of a story to viewers. With the addition of a cast that did not break character — props to our queen, Ansgar, Crio, and vizier —  this season makes for a worthy book one in an ongoing saga. Now we’ll see if ABC goes for book two!

Which brings us to a few things we thought of for book two… hey ABC and the Quest producers, we have ideas! (Yes, we discuss these in the podcast) Make the confessionals and behind-the-scenes stuff bonus material so we aren’t removed from the magic of the show! (either on the dvds or as a sync-type feature on your phone or tablet while watching) Follow your own marketing lead, a la Castle, and make tie-in books with Everealm’s history and the stories of people like Ansgar (yes please!), the vizier, and the royal family. All that could build to an all-star season with an epic quest! Things like this are what the fandom clamors for!

Overall, the show tried, and we thought mostly succeeded, in staying within the (pardon the pun) realm of what we want from fantasy and from competition shows while also breaking a few molds. Which molds? Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out! Follow us @SciFi4Chicks!

The panel: Heather French, Alex Callahan, Brooke Summerlin.


And CONGRATULATIONS from the SciFi4Me Chicks to the first “One True Hero”… Lina Carollo! Chicks rule!


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