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Science Geeks Unite at VOYAGE OF TIME Premiere


Science geeks came out to the California Science Center Wednesday for the red carpet premiere of Terrence Malick’s epic sci-fact masterpiece Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience. A 45-minute documentary that encompasses all there is on this resilient planet called Earth, the film also boasts the compassionate and yearning narration of Brad Pitt. You might’ve heard of him. The premiere was the result of 30 arduous years Malick and producers worked on the ambitious story of the beginning of humanity and the stars were out to take it all in.

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I had the great pleasure of speaking with the producers of the long-awaited film as well as legendary director Dennis Dugan (Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy and Grown Ups) who gave a hint at an upcoming project with long-time collaborator Adam Sandler.




After the red carpet entrances, the press was invited into the IMAX theater to view the short film. It was an immersive experience that placed the audience into the environment in various ways and was unlike any movie I’ve seen in recent years. Being as short as it was, one would imagine how much more immersive the experience would be in the feature length version. All in all, it was well-directed and impeccably produced. The only down side was the incessantly pretentious narration from Brad Pitt (which was reminiscent of his Chanel No. 5 commercial from a few years ago). Brad Pitt, I’m sorry for my harsh words. I know you’re going through a difficult time but I have to be honest.

The after party was pretty chill too. Lots of movie people and their publicists schmoozing and boozing all through the night. The atmosphere was nice and the music was repetitive. At the end of the night, guests were provided a gift bag and sent on their merry way.


VOYAGE OF TIME premiere VOYAGE OF TIME premiere VOYAGE OF TIME premiere VOYAGE OF TIME premiere VOYAGE OF TIME premiere VOYAGE OF TIME premiere VOYAGE OF TIME premiere img_0799


Be sure to catch exclusive IMAX showings of “Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience” when they come to an IMAX theater near you beginning October 7th. It really was a wondrous experience when Brad wasn’t speaking. Again, sorry Brad.






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