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Roundup 8.14.11: THE WALKING DEAD

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In the wake of promoting “The Walking Dead” at Comic Con in San Diego, show-runner Frank Darabont returned to work editing an episode, only to get fired by AMC. “The Walking Dead” is the only original show wholly owned by the network (“Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” are produced independently), and AMC seems to be feeling the pinch when it comes to the cost of production.

The Hollywood Reporter has the latest on the fracas, which apparently has been brewing since the beginning of season one. This rounds out the trifecta of original shows, the producers of which have all had run-ins with AMC brass. Can the network handle its own success? Not if it keeps alienating the people making their successful shows.

Since Darabont’s exit, many on the show are privately expressing concerns over the continued success and quality of the show. Several have noted that “Frank’s fingerprints are all over” the show, and his cinematic approach is one of the major factors in the program’s success. But that approach must have made the network execs antsy, because early on they cut the budget for season two by $650,000 per episode, and even suggested that more of the show be filmed indoors (thus revealing that said execs have no idea what kind of show they have…).

Glen Mazzara, who was Darabont’s #2, will now take over as show-runner. One hopes that it means continuity of vision will be maintained somewhat.

Deadline actually got a chance to talk with AMC president Charlie Collier about the “Walking Dead” dustup, as well as the situation with the other original shows on the network.

The Dead Get Anthrax

Scott Ian, metal guitarist and founder of the metal band, Anthrax, has posted on his Twitter account that he’s going to be in an upcoming season two episode.  [Metal Underground]

Walking Dead Volume Zero?

According to TV Guide, besides seeing more backstory in season two (via flashbacks), the comic book creator Robert Kirkman is considering a “Volume Zero” prequel story that will fill in some of the blanks on Shane and Lori’s relationship.

SDCC: Walking Dead Video Game

While AMC and Frank Darabont were at Comic Con International promoting the show, we also got new details on the “Walking Dead” video game from Telltale Games. According to Dread Central, the game follows a different set of characters, but is set in the same universe as the TV show. There’s heavy emphasis on player choices and how they affect game play. So watch your step!

Walking Dead IGN Podcast

The gang over at IGN got to sit down with cast members Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Jon Bernthal during Comic Con. They dish about season two here.

Walking Dead Web

Season Two will also include new webisodes directed by Greg Nicotero, who supervises the FX make-up for the show. Bloody Disgusting has the details.

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