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Roundup 1.11.12 – JOHN CARTER

There is an interesting article on io9: “The Disney John Carters That Never Were” detailing the long journey this project has had. Beginning back in 1936 and with many twists and turns. There have been many writers over the years that have taken a crack at adapting the book to film. It seems that for many reasons this film really could not have been made until now. There simply was not a good way to bring to life the many creatures and other special effects that are needed to bring this story to life.

And Krypton Radio has an even longer road to Mars here. This story has been a movie waiting to happen for a very long time.

A new image of Taylor Kitsch as John Carter:

Comics Continuum has this interview with star Taylor Kitsch, in which he talks about the back story, the adventure, the scope of director Andrew Stanton’s vision, and what it’s like to finally bring such an iconic character to life.

A new image of Lynn Collins as Princess Dejah Thoris can be found in Movie Magic magazine.


Fandango was the first to have the new poster for the IMAX 3D edition, featuring John Carter in front of a couple of very nasty-looking beasts that don’t look to be all that cuddly…

As we had in the Trailer Park, the Japanese trailer has footage we haven’t seen before:





These two spots via





Here’s a preview of the upcoming book The Art of John Carter: A Visual Journey. [via /Film]

In an interview with Willem Dafoe, who portrays Tars Tarkas, he talks about the challenges of working on stilts and learning even some of the Martian language. As one of the Tharks his performance was shot using motion capture.  He was excited to work on the project because of the director, Andrew Stanton. One of the things he said that caught my attention was how he described the shoot as being tight. He commented on how little waiting around time there was on set. To me this says a lot about the preparedness of the director and his crew.

Thomas Haden Church portrays Tal Hajus, one of the other Tharks, the 12 foot tall green beings with four arms.

Another note to point out is that this is just one of a hand full of Disney movies to carry the PG-13 rating.  Pirates of the Caribbean have been most of them the only other one was the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Having seen the trailers for the movie it looks like it deserves the PG-13. It is more interesting that the movie was a Disney production than that it carries the rating.

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  • Thank you for referencing our article – and for adding so much to the story of how this film finally made its way to the big screen. You really pulled all this together.

  • The Japanese video states it is private – not viewable.

    • It may be restricted depending on where you live. In some countries, certain YouTube videos are blocked.


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