Red, White & Blue Party for You

It’s still a little bit before Captain America hits theaters, but why not celebrate the All-American Holiday with the All-American Soldier?  Everyone will be getting out the usual hot dogs and hamburgers, potato salad and beans, corn on the cob and watermelon…why not kick it up a patriotic notch with these First Avenger touches?

You can always round out your table with various obvious tributes (decorated cupcakes, cookies, cakes, et cetera), but I really prefer the subtle touches that will appeal to everyone- not just the comic book fans in the family.

For example, how about the Captain America shield in either incarnation used as a placemat?  You can simply print the graphic on some heavy-duty card stock and laminate the pages.  They’d be great take home gifts, especially for the kids!

If you feel like painting, you can get a plain white tablecloth (plastic or fabric) and create your own Captain America uniform tablecloth by painting it vertically with a blue top featuring a white star and vertical red and white stripes.  If you use a cheap plastic tablecloth, then it’s an easy clean up (but it could also rub off a bit…there are a number of acrylic finishes out there to make the paint last longer).

Or, to enjoy yourself with a little less crafting, there are always a few fun recipes handy:

Captain America Vanilla Popsicles

These babies went over great with the SciFi4Me team!  Blend vanilla ice cream, a bit of milk, and a couple of teaspoons of vanilla instant pudding.  Also mix together blueberry yogurt and milk as well as raspberry yogurt and milk.  Pour the vanilla mix into popsicle molds or plastic cups, and you can either swirl in the yogurts and Captain America fruit snacks or drop in the fruit snacks and layer the two yogurts.  You can also use no sugar added ice cream and vanilla (as well as low fat yogurt) for a more healthy treat!

All American S’mores

Dye marshmallows red and blue with food coloring (the new”Stackers” from Jet-Puffed work exceptionally well) and sandwich between graham crackers and a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar.  For a take on the traditional S’mores without a campfire, toast your marshmallows over the grill!

And…to not leave out the cocktails, this time I’m leaving it to the big folks over at Real Simple because these are just too awesome not to share.  I personally adore the Patriotic Margarita.

And, of course, with the movie coming out July 22nd, you can keep up-to-date on all news here on SciFi4Me or by visiting the Official Captain America Movie Site.

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