Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny Announced as Switch Exclusive

In spite of the development team’s close run-in with bankruptcy, Nippon Ichi Software announced that Disgaea 6: Defiance of DestinyΒ is not only in development, it’s coming soon to home consoles β€” or, if you live in America, just the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo announced that the American version of Disgaea 6 will be exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, while the Japanese version will be for both the Switch and PlayStation4. Nintendo has not said why this is the case, though one can imagine it’s some sort of exclusivity deal, given the high sales Disgaea 5: Complete had during its time as a Switch exclusive.

The plot is described as the story of a zombie named Zed, a “boastful zombie” who wishes to protect his Netherworld from a god of destruction who’s threatening Zed’s way of “unlife.” The game also promises to “punch the SRPG genre in the throat” by offering a plethora of new mechanics, including something called “Super Reincarnation”, an ability that lets Zed get stronger each time he loses a fight.

This installment also marks the first time the series will be using 3D models, as the franchise was known for its 2D sprites prior to this. The devs also said that the level cap is going to be 99,999,999, which is substantially higher than most other RPG’s, though they also assured fans that this game will have features that are “accessible for newcomers.”

Created in 2003, Disgaea is a comedic turn-based strategy series about denizens of the Netherworlds. Known for its zany humor, complex stories, interesting characters, and high level cap, the series has been a cult classic in the gaming community since its inception, spawning 6 games, a handful of spinoffs, an anime adaptation, several remasters, and a lot of Prinny merchandise.

Disgaea 6 is releasing in the summer of 2021. The game is available for preorder on the NISA (Nippon Ichi Software) website, in both regular and in special edition forms.

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